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Certificate Requirements

Graduate Certificate in Informatics – Health Informatics

Health Informatics Certificate Tracking Form

The Health Informatics Certificate is open to graduate students in good standing, and applicants to the graduate non-degree program, who wish to complement their own disciplinary studies with foundational and applied knowledge in informatics. Students must completed a minimum of 18 s.h. for the Informatics Certificate with at least 9 hours in Foundations of Informatics, and 9 hours in Disciplinary Requirements.

If you are interested in a course for the certificate program that is not on the coursework list, first speak with your advisor and then submit the alternate course to the program coordinator for subprogram review. The approval process for a course as well as for the certificate itself should be initiated one semester prior to registering for the course or receiving the certificate.

Non-degree students will be assigned an advisor after their application and admission to the G9 program, but are encouraged to work with the IGPI Program Coordinator on their initial plan of study.

Please note that plans of study for the informatics certificate may not completely substitute for coursework or examinations required within the requirements of the disciplinary degree program.

Course Requirements for Certificate Program

Health Informatics Core (6 s.h.)

All students must take the following two courses:

  • IGPI:5220 Principles of Public Health Informatics (3 s.h.)
  • IGPI:5200 Health Informatics I (3 s.h.)

Foundations of Informatics 9 s.h. Certificate

  • a.) Introductory Informatics (3 s.h.)
    • IGPI:5110 Introduction to Informatics (3 s.h.)
  • b.) Programming (3 s.h.)
    • CS:3210 Programming Languages and Tools (3 s.h.)
    • IGPI:5321 Bioinformatics Techniques (3 s.h.)
  • c.) Database Systems (3 s.h.)
    • MSCI:4220 Database Management and Web Services (3 s.h.)
    • IGPI:6100 Database Management and Visualization (3 s.h.)
    • CS:4400 Database Systems (3 s.h.)

Please note: These course requirements are effective for students admitted to the program beginning with the spring 2014 term or thereafter.

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