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Wine Country Nonprofits Act Fast and in Ways Only They Can

The terrible fires in Northern California remind us of the importance of emergency preparedness, and the importance of on-the-ground networks that can respond to what can’t be prepared for. We’re inspired by these stories, a few examples among many, of nonprofits at work.

Spanish speakers are grateful for the social media and mobile feeds of Sonoma’s La Luz Center.

La Luz Center is a primary hub for Spanish language information on fire-related resources and evacuations. They’re also seeking monetary donations to support the current and future needs of their Latino community clients whose lives and livelihoods have been affected by the fires. They use these funds to help clients apply for disaster unemployment, individual assistance disaster relief funds, and rental assistance referrals and job placement referrals.

La Luz, a family resource center founded to serve the Latino community — especially monolingual Spanish speakers — opened their center to everyone in the area in need of help as a result of the fires. They’ve also been distributing supplies and serving daily hot meals to fire-impacted community members.

2017 Legislative wrap-up: victories, cliffhangers, and question marks

Non profit associationOctober 19, 2017 – This has been a year of turmoil, from the unprecedented shifts in national politics to horrific natural disasters, both here and abroad. As many nonprofits have been working tirelessly on these urgent matters, CalNonprofits has been focused primarily on that narrow but crucial band of issues that crosses all the nonprofit subsectors: issues such as regulation, contracting, nonprofit employment, and filing requirements.

Because this was the first year of a two-year legislative cycle, some bills did not pass out of the state legislature this year, but instead will carry into next year. That’s what happened with AB 1250, a serious threat to nonprofit-government contracting. It was a nail-biting finish that went into the wee hours of the last night of the legislative session. And it was a true example of our collective power, with more than 300 nonprofits joining together to persuade the Senate to push the pause button on AB 1250, at least for now.

That was an important and hopeful step, but we’re not done. We’re already preparing our strategy on AB 1250 for next year’s legislative session. We can be proud that our collective efforts have made a difference for nonprofits – and the people and communities we serve – throughout the state.

Tax Reform isn’t just about the charitable deduction: How it affects you, your community, and your nonprofit

Breaking news: Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) has just introduced the Universal Charitable Giving Act of 2017 (H.R. 3988), which would allow people who do not itemize their tax returns to take a charitable deduction, with the amount capped at a third of the standard deduction. The details of this bill are likely to change, so stay tuned.

Non profit associationThe budget resolution that the House of Representatives approved last week sets up a procedure for fast-track consideration of tax legislation, enabling the Senate to pass a tax plan with just 51 votes, rather than 60 votes typically required for such controversial legislation.

Tax reform is a big deal and it’s complicated. We have a glimpse of what’s in store in the White House’s Unified Framework for Fixing the Broken Tax Code, a broad outline of proposed changes for both individual and corporate taxes.

We don’t have all the details yet and we don’t understand some of what we have seen. But we do know that it will affect all of us in a variety of ways. Here are some things Californians and California nonprofits may want to pay attention to as the tax reform debate unfolds.

The proposed tax reform package might not reduce your personal income taxes, or at least not as much as you may have hoped.

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