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Big Brothers Big Sisters Donation Pick Up Service

Big brothers big sisters donationsDonate clothes, furniture donations, and shoe donations to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America by scheduling a free Big Brothers donation pick-up. Donation Town will give you all the information you need to contact your local Big Brothers Big Sisters charity donation pick up chapter. The Donation Town charity directory has contact information for many Big Brothers Big Sisters chapters all over the country. We ve written news articles about a handful of them (including the Big Sisters of the Ocean State donation pick up service), but many more Big Brothers Big Sisters chapters are in the Donation Town charity directory.

Introducing Big Brothers Big Sisters Thrift Stores

Big Brothers Big Sisters is the largest and most successful mentoring program in the US. BBBSA has been featuring one-to-one mentoring for over a hundred years, specifically for children and teens from the ages of 6-18. Big Brothers Big Sisters works towards their goal of helping children and young people reach their full potential with the help of one-to-one mentoring programs. Through positive mentoring relationships, Big Brothers Big Sisters helps keep young people in school and away from drugs, alcohol and abusive situations. By scheduling your free BBBSA donation pickup online today, you can help Big Brothers Big Sisters support their charitable services. Big Brothers Big Sisters thrift stores accept various household item donations and clothing donations.

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Charitable Services

With the profits from BBBSA thrift stores across the country, Big Brothers Big Sisters provides several charitable services. Services provided include:

  • One on One mentoring with children and teens 6-18 years old
  • Community-Based Mentoring
  • School-Based Mentoring
  • Mentoring children of prisoners
  • Specialized mentoring for Hispanic, African American, Amachi, and Native American children
  • Mentoring for military children

Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring programs help at risk children and teens develop healthy and positive relationships with their mentors. Having positive Big Brothers or Big Sisters to look up to, helps young people set higher goals and have more confidence to become part of a stronger generation of young people. Your BBBSA donations go towards helping young people get the tools they need to live happy, healthy, and positive lives.

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Acceptable Donations

Schedule a Big Brothers Big Sisters clothes donation pickup now. BBBSA accepts a variety of donations including clothing donations, household items donations, and even jewelry donations. Donate furniture without the hassles of transporting heavy or bulky items. All donations should tax-deductible and the charity is supposed to give you a tax deduction receipt when your BBBSA donations are picked up. Make your BBBSA clothing donation pickup appointment online today! Use the Donation Town charity directory to contact your local Big Brothers Big Sisters donation pick up service!

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