Aug 28 2018

Am I Eligible – Blood Centers of the Pacific, requirements to donate blood.#Requirements #to #donate #blood

requirements to donate blood

Requirements to donate blood

Am I Eligible

Find out if you are eligible to donate blood.

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General Requirements for Blood Donation

Blood Donor Qualifications: (English) (Spanish)
  • Age: 18(16 and 17 year-olds can donate with a Minor Donor Permission Form signed by a parent or guardian)(Spanish)
  • Weight: At least 110 lbs

(different requirements for 16-22 year-olds see Blood Donor Qualifications)

  • Health: General good health
  • Identification: Valid identification such as a driver’s license,

    DMV identification card, passport, etc.

  • Quick Tips:
    • Diet: A well-balanced meal is recommended within four hours of donation.
    • Hydrate: Being well-hydrated helps donors maintain blood volume and can prevent dizziness or fainting.

    Requirements to donate blood

    Do not donate if any of the following apply to you:
    • HIV/AIDS: You are a person with symptoms or laboratory evidence of HIV infection.
    • Cancer: Hematological, ie: Hodgkin, Leukemia, Lymphomas.
    • Hepatitis: A history of the disease after the age of 11, or a positive lab test for the virus.
    • Organ Failure: Kidney, lung or liver failure.
    • Recreational Drug Use (by injection): Having injected yourself with drugs not prescribed by a physician.
    • United Kingdom: You have visited or lived in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Gibraltar or Falkland Islands for a total of 3 months or more from 1980 thru 1996.
    • European Countries: If you have spent a cumulative of 5 years or more since 1980.
    • U.S. Military/Dependents/Civilian Military Employee: If you are U.S. Military/Dependent/Civilian Military Employee who spent a cumulative of six months or more between 1980 thru 1996 associated with a military base in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy or Greece, and/or 1980 thru 1990 in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany.
    • Sexual History: You have engaged in sex for money or drugs since 1977.


    • Travel to certain countries may temporarily restrict you from donating blood. Please call 888-393-4483 for more information or click here.

    Questions About Eligibility

    You may need to wait before donating blood if any of the following apply:

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