Jul 13 2018

Accept Donations online for nonprofit fundraising, online donation websites.#Online #donation #websites

The fast and easy way to start fundraising online.

Accept donations online and in-person today with PayPal.

  • Discounted rates for registered 501(c)(3) charities
  • Easy setup, no programming skills required
  • Your donors don’t need a PayPal account

Keep your fundraising costs down.

PayPal offers discounted transaction rates for 501(c)(3) charities for most products, and consistently low rates for all other nonprofits. No extra fees for setup, statements, withdrawals or cancellation.

2.2% + $0.30 per transaction and no monthly fee for charities.

PayPal Solutions

Online donation websites

An easy way to accept payments online.

One simple button lets you accept credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal – in about 15 minutes. Your customers don’t even need a PayPal account. Plus, offering PayPal as a donation option can attract new donors.

Online donation websites

Add a faster checkout

If you already accept donations online by credit card, add Express Checkout for those who prefer to donate with PayPal. Customers who activate One Touch can stay logged in to complete their purchase on your website or app without entering password or credit card details for each purchase.

Online donation websites

Accept donations in person.

PayPal Here is an easy way to accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPal right on your smartphone or tablet. It’s perfect for selling tickets, taking auction payments and collecting donations in person. U.S. swipe transactions are at a low fee of 2.7%.

Online donation websites


Send your donors your nonprofit’s personalized PayPal.Me link to allow your donors to contribute to your cause.

Other industry solutions that accept PayPal.

We’ve teamed up with leading online fundraising sites to include PayPal in their CRM systems, crowdfunding and other offerings for nonprofits. If you already have a provider, ask them how to activate PayPal on your site.

Online donation websites

PayPal Giving Fund helps you increase donations and reach new donors

The PayPal Giving Fund offers charities of all sizes access to customer giving programs across PayPal, eBay, and more. It’s a network of good that can put your organization in front of millions of potential donors.

Why nonprofit organizations choose PayPal

Access your funds quickly.

When your donor gives money through PayPal, the money usually shows up in your PayPal account within minutes. From there, transfer it to your organization’s bank account at no charge.

Be in great company.

Over 500,000 nonprofits received billions through PayPal last year. Donors love the convenience and security of PayPal, while nonprofits can boost donations and lower costs.

Track every dollar and donor.

Monthly statements, downloadable logs, and instant transaction searches are all part of your PayPal account. You can also offer controlled access to your employees or volunteers for tasks like mailing donors.

Donations made through PayPal are secure.

Automatic fraud screening helps protect you and your donors. Plus, PayPal is PCI compliant, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Nonprofit datasheet.

Boost your fundraising and lower your costs by raising more money online. It costs much less than traditional fundraising methods and can yield better results, too.

Nonprofit FAQs.

Find answers to specific questions you may have about using PayPal to assist with your nonprofit or other online fundraising.

Resources & case studies.

Learn how successful nonprofits use PayPal to accept donations online and in-person. You will also find our Getting Started Guide to help you get set up and accepting donations quickly.

Not a Nonprofit?

You don’t have to be a nonprofit to fundraise with PayPal.

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