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Burglar Bars in Dallas

Call Custom AAA Windows and Security Doors for a free in home estimate to secure your home with security storm doors and burglar bars 214-340-0078- We have the best burglar bars in Dallas !

Only the best, not hollow steel!.

Dallas replacement windowsAll burglar bars are manufactured with low porosity high strength steel decorative casting available to add décor in Dallas. Standard color black amp; other colors available.

Concerned About Your Safety

Start where the burglar does…from the outside. A burglar’s first view of your home is usually from the street. What he sees will often determine whether he attempts forced entry. When casing a neighborhood, burglars look for easy excess, homes that appear unoccupied. Making your home appear occupied and having security storm doors and fire safety burglar bars are the most important part of an effective home crime prevention system.

When you are away, make your home appeared lived-in. Put an on and off light timer in one or more rooms. Put a light timer in the kitchen, dining room, family room or a bedroom, that way it gives the appearance of someone being at home.

Be sure to pick up your newspaper and ads. If you are going to be away, arrange to have a neighbor to pick them up for you. A pile of papers or uncollected ads will alert anyone who happens by that you are not home.

Never leave notes on your front door or mail box indicating your absence. Burglars read newspapers too. If there is a death in the family, arrange for a house-sitter on the day of the funeral.

How To Prevent forced entry into Your Home or Business

Burglars can break through windows and doors in your home and use them as Entry points. It’s an everyday common experience. So the question is can you prevent forced entry into your home. Unfortunately you can’t prevent forced entry, but you can slow them down and make it more difficult. If someone wants to get in badly enough they can do it. Installing burglar bars and security storm doors on your home slows them down, and in most cases prevents it all together. You see, the burglar bars and security doors are a physical deterrence and a visual deterrence as well. When a potential intruder sees your property is protected with these burglar bars and security storm doors they are more likely to avoid your home for an easier target. The burglar wants easy access. Installing burglar bars and security storm doors from Custom Security Doors protects your home, valuables, and loved ones.

Fire Safety Burglar Bars

“A LIFE SAVER” being able to get out of burglar bars and security storm doors in case of emergency or fire is paramount to survival. The fire safety burglar bars are so easy to open. Just a turn of the finger, and unlock the burglar bars from the window so the family has a fire escape route. Local city fire codes which are some of the most stringent in the nation require a keyless fire exit per bedroom in case of a fire. Custom Security Doors adhere to all of the local fire codes, and the fire safety burglar bars meet the standards of municipal fire codes and has been inspected by the local fire department. Security storm doors feature a day night safety lock that will allow you to exit out of the door without a key, but no one can gain entry without a key. This lock provides safety and security.

Fabrication / Installation

The strength and functionality of burglar bars and security storm doors is relative to the construction and installation of these products. Burglar bars are built using ½ x ½ inch steel vertical bars and a 1 x 1 inch steel frame. Decorative casting are available adding a décor of wrought iron beauty to each bar. Standard color of black but other colors are available upon request. Wood, brick, flush and facial mount depending on the installation site. Tamper proof screws are used on all installations. Security storm doors feature 2” steel master frame, ½ inch vertical bars, and tempered safety glass with interchangeable screen and deadbolt locks. Black is the standard color with multiple powdered coated finishes also available. Tamper proof security screws are used on all installations. Once installed on your home burglar bars and security storm doors can withstand a ¾ ton pull which is equal to pulling off the side of your home. Prevent “HOME INVASION” by installing burglar resistant products from Custom Security Doors.

Give us a call and find why we carry the best Burglar Bars in Dallas !!

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