4 Brilliant (and Useful) Donation Form Templates, donation form.#Donation #form

4 Brilliant (and Useful) Donation Form Templates

Fundraising through traditional mail is still an important way to receive donations. Although many supporters give via online channels, it s still good to have a variety of giving channels.

Plus, traditional mail is more appropriate when asking for donations from major supporters or corporations.

When you send out donation request letters, your nonprofit should also include a donation form. That way, a supporter can fill out the form and submit it back to your nonprofit.

If your organization is looking for some direction on how to create a donation form, we ve got you covered! In this article, we ll cover four different types of online donation forms:

The four templates should function as an example of how you can create your donation forms. Feel free to tweak these templates to meet your organization s specific needs.

1. Standard donation formDonation form

The standard donation form is the most general form we’ll go over. Your nonprofit can use it when requesting gifts from individual donors or corporations.

The template shown below includes all the basics of what you will need for your donation form.

Take a look at this example:

[At the top of the page include your nonprofit’s name, logo and a brief statement about your cause]

__Monthly gift: [insert your recurring gift options here]

Please write your check or money order to [insert the name of your organization].

Enter in the following information if you’re using a credit card to make your donation.

Credit Card Number:

CVV (card verification value):

Card holder s name:

Thank you for your contribution.

As you can see, this donation form is short and to the point. The template includes all the necessary information. Your donation form may look different depending on your donation amounts or the types of payments you accept.

Let’s take a look at some of the main points that should be included in your donation form:

  • Your nonprofit’s brand. Include your name and a few sentences about your cause on the donation form. The branding and background information on your organization reminds donors why they should give.
  • Preset gift amounts. Instead of just having an empty donation amount for donors to fill out, give them preset amounts. Suggested donation amounts help speed up the donation process and often encourage donors to give more. Donors will think that everyone is using the buttons and infer that the suggested amounts are the right amounts to give. If you include donation amounts, have both high and low gifts so that every donor can choose the amount that works for them.
  • A recurring gift option. If you accept recurring gifts, be sure to include it in your donation form. While donors who opt for recurring gifts tend to give smaller donations, over time, their donations add up to much more.

Use this template as a starting point for your donation forms. Your nonprofit can get creative and make this form unique to your needs.

2. Individual sponsorship donation formDonation form

The individual sponsorship donation form is very similar to the standard donation form, but it serves a different purpose.

Your nonprofit will use this donation form for fundraising events, like walkathons or peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, where a supporter is seeking donations from their friends and family.

Here’s an example of an individual sponsorship donation form:

[At the top of the page include your nonprofit’s name, logo, a brief statement of your cause, and information on the event]

My contribution is supporting [leave blank for the donor to insert the participant s name] in the [insert the walkathon, marathon, or other event].

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