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Charity Boats NPO – Donate Boat – Yacht Donations, boat donation.#Boat #donation

boat donation

Boat donation

Boat Donations of any size or type are accepted in All 50 United States and Canada Fair Market Value Tax deduction, Free Towing, Free Vacation (any vessel over $500) help support many great causes!

Hi There, Welcome to Charity Boats , your go to nonprofit when donating a boat.

Charity Boats is the nationwide solution for the removal of your boat donation (junk or not) free of charge while forwarding 100% of the benefit to those in need. Charity Boats was founded with a mission to support the “With Causes Network” in battling hunger, homelessness, illiteracy and more through boat donations. Our Charity has helped thousands of individuals and needy families, throughout the United States get back on their feet.

Charity Boat Donations – Click here to Donate Boat

To help make a difference in the lives of others, to start your hassle free boat donation, click to donate your boat NOW! Why Donate Boat to charity? Benefit yourself and others! Learn why so many others have chosen Charity Boats to make a positive difference in their communities! We know our first obligation is to YOU!

Questions about your Boat Donation? Call (888)-228-7320

Our knowledgeable volunteers are standing by to assist you 24/7. We have the answers you need!

Why Donate Boat to charity? Benefit yourself and others!

Avoid the hassle of selling, save money on your taxes and take advantage of the most effective way to help those less fortunate. Learn why so many others have chosen Charity Boats to make a positive difference in their communities! We know our first obligation is to YOU! Unlike others, we know without you, our generous donors, our programs would not be possible. We let you know your rights and how to maximize your benefit from your charitable donation.

Questions about your Boat Donation? Call (888)-228-7320

Our knowledgeable volunteers are standing by to assist you 24/7. We have the answers you need! Confused about the benefits of donating or simply needing more information, call today!

Charity Boat Donations

Boat donation

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Benefits Of Blood Donation – Benefits Of, benefits of blood donation.#Benefits #of #blood #donation

Benefits Of Blood Donation

Benefits of blood donationBenefits Of Blood donation

Doing good to someone in need not only helps the needy but also gives a psychological satisfaction to the donor. One of the easiest, but valuable donations is the donation of blood for the needy. It not only has the power of giving a new life to the lucky recipient, but also offers numerous health benefits to the donor. The health benefits of donating blood include:

1.Beneficial for the human heart.

Increase in the levels of iron in blood makes a person prone to the risk of heart diseases. Excessive iron present in the blood causes oxidation of cholesterol. The product of oxidation gets deposited on the walls of arteries, increasing the chances of heart attack and strokes. Regular blood donation helps to maintain level of iron in blood, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases.

2.Boosts the production of red blood cells.

Donation of blood reduces the number of red blood cells in the blood. The bone marrow immediately replenishes the lost number of RBCs. As a result the blood of donor is refreshed every time the blood is donated. Therefore blood donation helps to stimulate the production of new blood cells.

Blood donation is the easiest method of diet and burning calories. Donating about 450 ml helps to burn approximately 650 calories in the donor s body.  It is thus helpful in weight loss.

4.Aids in fighting hemochromitosis

Hemochromitosis or iron overload disorder is a genetic disorder in which iron gets accumulated in the body tissue. The main cause of this problem is improper metabolism of iron in the body. This condition can even lead to organ damage. People with small iron overload can easily donate blood and lower their blood iron content. This will help to fight this disease and such blood is safe for the recipients as the problem is of genetic origin.

5.Makes the donor psychologically rejuvenated.

Donating a priceless thing to a needy, gives the donor a psychological satisfaction. Health y elderly people feeling revitalized or reenergized by donating blood regularly.

6.Donors automatically warned of serious illnesses.

The blood of donor is tested before each donation. The tests include HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and malaria. The donor is informed about the positivity of any such disease.

Just spent an hour relaxing and donating blood every two months. This will not only give you the joyous feeling of helping a needy but also provide numerous benefits to your health.

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Donate Stuff, The Place Of Forsyth, donate stuff.#Donate #stuff

donate stuff

Donate stuff Donate stuff

Donations are accepted Monday Saturday (9:00 a.m 4:00 p.m.). Please drop off in the back of the building.

Please give us a local phone number so that our driver can call and make the pickup arrangements.

Hours of Operation

Thrift Store Hours

Friday and Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Large Furniture Pick-Ups

We offer a limited courtesy pick-up service for large, in need furniture items such as sofas, love seats, bedroom suites, etc. Guidelines for this service are as follows:

• Pick-ups are only offered for Forsyth County residents and someone needs to be home to sign the receipt

• Pick-ups are scheduled after 11:30 a.m. on Tuesdays-Fridays and Saturdays. Call 678-947-8825 to schedule a pick-up. (provided we have enough volunteer help)

• Items need to be ready for pickup in a garage or a main level prior to our arrival (we are not allowed to go in a basement or on a second floor)

• Items need to be in good condition with no rips, tears, stains, in good working condition without need of repair and free of any animal hair

Items We Cannot Take for Donation

We appreciate the generosity of our community for all donations. However, because our Clients cannot afford parts or repairs and we do not have the means to repair items, we can only accept clean, usable items that are in good working condition. Due to limited capacity and limited staffing, we are unable to accommodate yard sale leftovers. Our space is limited and unfortunately we cannot afford the costs of disposing of unusable items. Thank you for understanding our limitations and supporting our mission of helping the needy. Thank you for caring and sharing – your support is greatly valued.

  • On Feb. 10, 2009 a Federal law the “Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act of 2008” went into effect. The Place can no longer accept donations of certain children’s products that my contain lead or phthalates. Items intended for children 12 years of age or younger that no longer can be accepted includes toys, children’s books before 1985, children’s jewelry, children’s furniture, games, strollers, and footwear. Children’s items containing soft vinyl or plastic, buttons or zipper pulls, or metal jewelry also cannot be accepted. Bikes are not considered toys and can be accepted by The Place.

We are currently not accepting any donations of the following:

  • Baby equipment: Car seats, booster seats, cribs, swing sets (due to recall)
  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Carpet or padding
  • Broken, damages, non-working items
  • Fax machines/Printers
  • Chemical, hazardous waste, paint, flammable or combustible items
  • Furniture: Torn, stained, or broken
  • Large appliances (except washers dryers)
  • Waterbeds
  • Building materials

If you would like to print off a flyer to take to your business or organization please click HERE.

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Benefits Of Donating Blood – Benefits Of, benefits of blood donation.#Benefits #of #blood #donation

Benefits Of Donating Blood

Benefits of blood donation

Benefits of Donating Blood

There are many benefits you can reap by donating blood regularly. Apart from saving lives, you also get an opportunity to enjoy snacks and free juice after donating blood. Moreover, you will have better physical shape and improved fitness level compared to people who don t donate, and you have lower risk of severe disease such as heart attack.

Donating blood is proven to help reduce your chance of cancer, according to recent studies. Regular donation helps lower chance of cancer, including throat, stomach, liver and colon cancer. Studies have shown that regular blood donation improve cardiovascular health.

2. Lower cholesterol level

Reduce cholesterol level in your bloodstream by donating blood, and minimize the chance of developing common heart disease such as arteriosclerosis. According to recent findings, high cholesterol level lead to risk of heart disease and plaque of the arteries. Moreover, donating blood help lower high iron levels responsible for cardiovascular disease.

3. Protects you from heart attack risk

Did you know that donating blood is good for heart health? Well, regular donors have reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Donating blood regularly also reduces your risk of stroke and heart complications such as arteriosclerosis.

Improve function of the immune system by donating blood regularly. Once you donate blood, the body replenishes the blood volume and red blood cells are replaced within four weeks. This is beneficial to your health as it improve blood circulation and oxygen circulation throughout the body. Also, replenishing red blood cells can help improve your overall health.

5. Facilitates production of red blood cells

As you donate blood, level of red blood cells significantly reduce. Therefore, donating blood regularly help in the production of red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body.

A slight pain is evident when you donate blood, but there is no need for you to worry since the process last a few minutes.

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Furniture Donation Rockville, Silver Spring, MD, Home Improvement Store, furniture donations.#Furniture #donations


ReStore Resale Store Rockville:

1029 East Gude Drive, Rockville, MD 20850

ReStore Resale Store Silver Spring:

12006 Plum Orchard Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Furniture Donation Drop off Hours:

You can drop off your household goods, building supplies and furniture donations to the ReStore during these hours:

For more information about donating to ReStore please take a look at the Donate to ReStore section of our website.

Contact Information:

ReStore Phone: 301-947-3304

Schedule a pick-up for your furniture donation and household goods today!

Hours of Operation:

Monday Saturday: 9 am 6 pm

About ReStore

Habitat for Humanity ReStore® is a nonprofit retail outlet specializing in the resale of quality new and gently used furniture, antiques, appliances and building supplies. By taking in household goods and furniture donations, ReStore diverts tons of reusable materials from our local landfills. ReStore acts as a discount home improvement center as all items are sold to the public at deep discounts and all proceeds are used to fund the building of affordable housing in Montgomery and Prince George s Counties. To shop with a purpose and support a good cause come visit our nonprofit retail outlet in Rockville and Silver Spring today!

Sign up to receive ReStore Updates, Coupons and More!

Rewards Card Program Rules

After the card has been stamped 10 times or you have individual cards adding up to 10 stamps the card may be redeemed for 10% off your next purchase.

The value of the card may not be used with any other discount.

The program may be discontinued without notice at anytime by the Habitat ReStore management.

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Top charities to donate stuff to – FURNITURE BANK, donate stuff.#Donate #stuff

Top charities to donate clothing, electronics, books and furniture

Got stuff you need to get rid of, but which still has life in it? Stuff you don t want to just throw away?

Thankfully, there are charitable organizations that will accept gently used items that you think someone else will value. So we compiled a handy list of those organizations that will help you decide who to contact, and what goes where.

Note that some organizations offer pickups (fee based in some cases). Also please don t treat these organizations as places to take junk off your hands. They are looking for gently used items that someone else can use.


  • The Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline accepts gently used clothing, cloth based items, bedding, footwear, and more. Click here for a full list of items that they accept you may pick up or drop off your items in locations across Ontario.
  • The New Mom Project redistributes gently used baby clothes and other baby gear to families in need. The Project is proud to support Syrian refugee families as they begin a new life in Toronto and single mothers affected by poverty. They accept your old baby essential such as seasonal clothing (from 0 4 years), small toys, cribs, strollers, and carriers. To donate e-mail [email protected] to get updates on drop off locations.
  • Dress for Success Toronto provides women and men from across the GTA with business appropriate attire to wear to job interviews and during their first few weeks at work. People can donate their old business clothing on Tuesdays between 10am and 4pm . They are located on the 3rd floor of the Walmer Road Baptist Church and Community Centre, at 188 Lowther Ave.
  • New Circles is a clothing bank that works with referring agencies to redistribute clothes to families in need. They are also actively supporting Syrian refugee families in need of clothing. They frequently have a shortage of clothing for boys sizes 4 – 16, clothing for young men and plus sizes for women. Donations are accepted at their location on Hobson Avenue in Toronto (Hobson Avenue and Bartley Drive) during regular operating hours. Please note: they are currently at capacity and will be re-opening Feb 8. 2016. For more information on donating clothing to New Circles, click here .
  • Salvation Army accepts clothing of all kinds to resell in their thrift shops. Click here to find a thrift store location and/or drop off bin near you.


  • Free Geek, a fellow social enterprise, offers both a drop off location in downtown Toronto, and a paid pickup service. Free Geek Toronto accepts your old computers, laptops, printers and more to reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste.
  • ReBOOT Canada refurbishes your old computers, laptops, printers, etc. and redistributes to charities and nonprofits. They accept dropoffs at their Scarborough and Peterborough locations . To schedule a pickup click here or call 416 534 6017 Ext 1. ReBOOT collects a $50 (plus HST) pick up fee for residential pick ups and $100 (plus HST) for commercial pick ups. Some items may also require the collection of a disposal fee.

Books and textbooks

  • Children’s Book Bank is always looking for gently used children’s books that your kids have enjoyed, for others to start new adventures with. The Children’s Book Bank of Regent Park area of Toronto offers a drop off location for books ages 0 – 12 years old. You may also use their drop off location at 350 Berkeley Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 2X5 anytime during their hours of operation .
  • Toronto Public Library accepts donations of books, CD’s and DVD’s that can be sold in their “Book Ends” stores . They must be in either English or French, in very good condition, and less than 5 years old. They do not accept donations of magazines, encyclopedias, or textbooks. Donations are accepted during branch open hours.
  • S.T.E.L.L.A.A. is helping to change education in many schools and libraries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. You can donate post secondary textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, medical and law textbooks, academic journals and more. Drop off centres and locations are located throughout the GTA for items that can fit in 10 boxes and under . If you have more boxes and live in the GTA, please contact [email protected] to arrange a pick-up.


  • The Toronto Tool Library is a nonprofit that accepts donations of used tools (hand tools, power tools, etc.) and gives them new life with their community. Donated tools are shared with community members for home and community initiatives. You can donate your tools on-site at any of their locations . They even offer a pickup service for selected large items and collections of tools. To get in touch contact them at [email protected] .

Sports and camping gear

  • The Sharing Depot , a community hub started by The Toronto Tool Library Team, gives members access to a wide range of things without having to own or store them. They accept donations of camping and sports equipment, board games, toys and house party supplies. You can drop off your donations on-site or if you have large items or a significant collection of items you are donating, you can contact them for a pickup service. Visit their donation page for more information.

Furniture, housewares and major appliances

4 walls alone don’t make a home – furniture plays a powerful, albeit silent, role in all our lives. We are all indebted to the use of furniture to live fulfilling lives – just try studying for an exam, resting after a hard day’s work, preparing a meal, or raising a family. Without furniture, even mundane tasks are near impossible.

Furniture Banks across Canada are committed to ensuring all individuals and families transitioning out of displacement and homelessness are given the best possible chance to succeed in their new lives – through a furnished home. You may donate your unwanted, gently used items of furniture to the following Furniture Banks in Ontario:

Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a great option for donating major appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, etc. The items they accept are resold at the store level with proceeds supporting Habitat for Humanity home builds. They even have a volunteer pickup service for selected items. Click here to find a location near you and click here to set up a product donation.

Green Standards picks up donations of excess office furniture and equipment and redistributes them to community organizations and charities across Canada. Click here to request a pickup quote for your company.

to book a pickup of your gently used items of gently used furniture, housewares, kitchen items, beds, electronics artwork

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3 Ways to Donate Clothing to Charity, used clothes donation.#Used #clothes #donation

How to Donate Clothing to Charity

Everyone has things in their closets that they haven’t worn in years. But something you don’t love anymore could be another person’s new favorite outfit! To avoid throwing clothes away or having them clutter up your house, donate them to charities. Pick the right spot to drop off your clothes, decide what to donate, and ready your clothing for donation to make sure your items are put to good use for years to come.

Steps Edit

Method One of Three:

Finding a Donation Center Edit

Used clothes donation

Used clothes donation

Used clothes donation

Used clothes donation

Used clothes donation

Used clothes donation

Method Two of Three:

Picking Stuff to Donate Edit

Used clothes donation

Used clothes donation

Used clothes donation

Used clothes donation

Used clothes donation

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Donor Information, Octapharma Plasma, donating plasma.#Donating #plasma

Donating is more than rewarding. It’s lifesaving.

Want to make a difference in the lives of others? You’ve taken the first step by learning more about becoming a blood plasma donor. Read more about how easy, comfortable, and rewarding your first visit – and every visit – will be.

Here’s what you need to know about plasma and how your donation is collected and used.

What is plasma?

Plasma is the liquid part of your blood that carries red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets through your body. It’s made mostly of water and proteins. Plasma helps your body clot blood, fight infection, and more, and can be easily, naturally restored by your body.

Plasma is an important ingredient in medicines that help people who aren’t as healthy as you. When you donate plasma, you’ll feel good about making a difference and make money and earn rewards at the same time.

How is my plasma collected and used?

Donating plasma is similar to giving blood. A trained staff member called a phlebotomist puts a sterile needle in a vein in your arm so your blood can be drawn into special, sterile equipment.

As your blood cycles through this equipment, the clear plasma is separated from the other parts of your blood. Your plasma is then collected in a container, while the red blood cells and other parts are safely returned to your body. This process is called plasmapheresis.

After your plasma is collected, it is sent to a lab for processing to make sure it is pure and safe to use in life-saving medicines for patients. These plasma-based medicines are used in emergency and trauma care, for bleeding disorders like hemophilia, and to treat people whose bodies have trouble fighting infections.

You make a difference every time you donate plasma. Thank you for helping people live healthier lives!

Is plasma donation safe?

Trained staff

When you donate plasma, your well-being is our first priority. Our trained staff members follow strict guidelines to make sure you’re safe and comfortable throughout the process.

Sterile materials

Our plasma centers use sterile materials for every donation. Anything that comes in contact with your blood is used only once. In addition, we clean all plasma collection equipment before every use.

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Where to Donate Used Furniture to Charity, furniture donations.#Furniture #donations

Where to Donate Used Furniture to Charity

A few months ago, I decided that buying furniture online would be an ideal way to refurnish my house. However, when the pieces started to arrive, I quickly realized that much of my older furniture had to go.

At first, I planned to sell on Craigslist or run some eBay auctions, but in the end, I decided to donate the furniture to a local charity. If you donate your unwanted furniture to charity, you can deduct the donation from your taxes at the end of the year. This can add up to a sizable write-off, even if you do not have many pieces to donate.

For each piece of furniture you donate, you can deduct the current fair market value from your taxes. To make this process easier, the Salvation Army has a Donation Valuation Guide to help you determine the fair market value for your furniture. The guide has a low and high range for furnishings. Select fair and reasonable prices within this range to ensure the accuracy of your tax write-offs.

Several national charities will pick up furniture donations from your house, or you can take your furniture to a smaller nonprofit organization in your area.

Where to Donate Furniture Nationally

National charitable organizations have several drop-off locations throughout the United States, and most are willing to pick up your furniture donations. Make sure you get a receipt for your donations. Without a receipt, you don t have any way to prove that you donated the items, which is a potential problem if you are audited by the IRS.

National charitable organizations that accept donated furniture include:

1. The National Furniture Bank Association

The NFBA provides much needed furniture to 100,000 struggling families each year across the U.S. and Canada. The NFBA has a list of local donation centers in the U.S., and many local centers can pick up donated furniture from your house.

The organization accepts gently used furniture and some household goods. Items accepted for donation include children-sized and regular mattresses, couches, tables and chairs as well as dishes, pots and pans, and silverware.

2. Vietnam Veterans of America

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) charity sells donated items to fund their programs for veterans. The charity accepts furniture and other household items, and also picks up donations from your house. You do not have to be present when the truck arrives to pick up your donations. You can schedule a pick up through the VVA donation site.

Donation Town maintains a database of local charities that pick up unwanted furniture for free. The site lists a few hundred different charities, and can provide you with information about local nonprofit organizations that accept and collect donated furniture. You can schedule a pickup through the Donation Town website.

Goodwill has locations all over the U.S. The Goodwill charity helps low-income and unemployed heads of household find full-time work. In addition, Goodwill also provides work training assistance, homeless shelters, and other temporary assistance to impoverished families.

The charitable organization accepts used furniture and other household items. Donated items go to fund their resale store, and the proceeds benefit the Goodwill charity. You can use the Goodwill Locator to find a drop-off center near you. Some Goodwill stores also pick up donated furniture.

Most donations to the Salvation Army go to stock the Salvation Army resale stores, but the charity also uses the furniture donations to furnish their homeless shelters. The Salvation Army accepts used furniture in good condition. You can locate a drop-off center on the Salvation Army website.

Where to Donate Furniture Locally

You can find local charities in your area that need furniture donations. Before you donate, contact a volunteer or representative at the charity to see if they offer receipts for tax purposes. While donating locally can help people in your neighborhood, make sure you donate to a nonprofit if you want the tax break.

Places to donate your furniture locally include:

Many homeless shelters and missions operate as independent charities, especially in urban areas that have a large homeless or at-risk population. These organizations provide shelter and meals to struggling families and accept donations including beds, couches, tables, and other small odds and ends. The United Way can provide you with a list of local homeless shelters in your area.

Battered women s shelters help victims of abuse and their children by providing them with a safe place to stay while they begin to rebuild their lives. Many of these organizations accept donations of used furniture and household items in good condition. Search your local newspaper s website or online to find battered women s shelters in your area.

Many local thrift stores accept gently used furniture donations for resale. Many thrift stores donate a portion of their proceeds to charity, and donations to nonprofit thrift stores are tax deductible. Use caution when donating items to thrift stores, however. Many are not nonprofit organizations, so double check with a manager before you donate.

Amateur theater groups often need furniture donations to build sets. Occasionally, they accept extremely beat-up furniture, or furniture you cannot donate anywhere else. You can find a local theater group by visiting your city s website. City websites usually have an entertainment section that lists local theater groups. You can also contact theater departments at local high schools or colleges.

Freecycle is not a charity organization. Users join the site and post ads for anything they want to give away, including furniture. Other users can browse the ads and schedule a time to pick up the items they want. You won t get a tax break by using Freecycle, but you can help some needy families in your neighborhood.

FreeSharing works similarly to Freecycle. You must sign up for the site, and then you can post or browse ads for a wide variety of free items. Although Freeshare isn t as popular as Freecycle, the website has more than 400,000 members.

Final Word

You can receive a tax deduction at the end of the year when you donate good quality furniture, books, clothes, electronics, and other household items to a nonprofit organization. The IRS publication Determining the Value of Donated Property provides extensive details about the guidelines for donating furniture and household goods.

When you donate furniture, ask for receipts and be sure to retain them. If you have to participate in an IRS tax audit, you may need to produce receipts for donated items.

Have you donated furniture before? Which organizations did you give to?

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Where to Donate Used Toys – 9 Charities – Places to Consider, donate stuff.#Donate

Where to Donate Used Toys 9 Charities Places to Consider

Whether you re spring cleaning or trying to minimize post-holidays clutter, donating used toys can help clear out your home and do some good at the same time. Getting those toys cleaned, assembled, and working is the first step, after which you need to find a place that accepts toy donations.

I always do a big toy clean-out before Christmas, which often leaves me with boxes and bags full of gently used items that can go to a good cause. I like discussing each charity with my kids to explain where their old toys are going. By explaining how other kids can use their previously loved gear, my children get involved in the spirit of giving and they love to have input as to where we donate their stuff.

By researching your options for donating toys, you can work with your family to choose a way to donate or a specific cause that is most deserving of your donation. Of course, you don t have to choose just one divvy up your donations to several different causes if you can t settle on just one.

Toy Donation Options

Charity thrift stores such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army accept toys and then put them on the store floor for others to buy. Any proceeds they collect from the sale of the toys is put back into programs that benefit the needy right in your own community. However, you should call your local store prior to donating if there s a surplus of toys in the store, your donation may be declined. However, if your donation is accepted, it s a great way to ensure that families have access to low-cost toys while helping to keep funds in your own community.

2. Local Shelters and Children s Centers

If you know of a shelter or children s charity in your area, there s a good chance that it accepts toy donations. After all, kids will be kids, and children who visit shelters can feel more at ease when there are toys nearby. You just need to call ahead, as some charities won t accept toy donations.

Other places to check include a children s social services office, your local Boys Girls Club, and toy drives organized by schools, hospitals, or even grocery or department stores. You can also use the Homeless Shelter Directory to find shelters in your area.

3. Preschools and Nurseries

A local for-profit preschool or nursery may not be an EO (exempt organization), so donating there won t net you a deduction on your taxes. Still, it s a selfless gift if you ve noticed that a preschool is in need of some gently used toys. Just be sure to call before you bring in a donation, as there may be some guidelines to prep toys.

Churches are tax-exempt organizations, so you can claim a deduction if you donate old toys to a church nursery. Many religious organizations offer daycares or nurseries to their parishioners, and since the service is often low-cost or free, they re often in need of toys. It s a great way to give back, especially if you ve had an opportunity to take advantage of a church s childcare services in the past.

If you don t want or need a tax deduction but wish to get rid of an item quickly, look online. You can use a site such as Freecycle to post items that you d like to give away. Just be wary of posting personal details, and never share your address. Instead, meet people in public places, such as the parking lot of a supermarket, to hand off the items.

You can also look for online swap meets and charity garage sales using sites such as Facebook and Craigslist. These meets collect donations and then sell the items to benefit a good cause, so it s an excellent way to get rid of extra stuff.

Specific Charities

While local charities may or may not need toys, national charities generally always accept donations. Here are several specific national charities that are looking for goods, such as toys and games.

While you may associate Toys for Tots with a call for new, unwrapped toys, the Marine-facilitated charity also takes used toys in great shape. If you have a box to donate, head over to the Toys for Tots website, where you can enter your state and schedule a pickup or find a drop-off location. Just keep in mind that used toys may be distributed differently than brand-new items they may go to shelters or facilities, rather than to individual kids.

If you want to give back but don t have any new or used toys, Toys for Tots also regularly issues calls for cash donations and warehouse volunteers, which could be an excellent opportunity for you to give back without actually offering a toy donation.

Toys R Us often has a donation bin at the front entrance of the store where you can place donations, even if you re not planning to shop there, for distribution to worthy charities. The store also frequently works with Toys for Tots to collect new, unwrapped toys for the holiday season a great way to repurpose that duplicate action figure from Grandma after the holidays.

I volunteer at a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, so I regularly see families who are able to take advantage of the services The Ronald McDonald House has to offer. The Ronald McDonald House offers lodging and facilities to families whose children are receiving care in a nearby hospital. The House makes it possible for families who may live farther away to be near their little ones in a time of need.

Of course, The Ronald McDonald House offers facilities for entire families, which means it s continually in need of toys to keep siblings occupied while staying there. You can help by donating your toys to your local chapter. Your kids pre-loved stuff could help other children feel more at home when away from their own toys.

9. Loving Hugs or Stuffed Animals for Emergencies

Another deserving type of charity that could use old toys are those that offer children a familiar object in times of emergency. Both Loving Hugs and Stuffed Animals for Emergencies give stuffed toys to kids in crisis situations, whether it s a natural disaster or while taking an ambulance ride. I ve found that my kids are especially open to donating their stuff to emergency charities, because it s something they can understand: The idea of being scared or sad and the comfort of a stuffed animal.

What to Avoid

While most charities are thrilled to receive toy donations, there are several things that you must avoid:

  • Don t Give Broken or Soiled Toys. Most facilities don t have the ability to clean and repair items, so they may simply be tossed in the garbage if they can t be put back together quickly.
  • Don t Give Items With Pieces Missing. It s unlikely that a charity has the ability to locate a replacement.
  • Don t Give Baby Items That Are Designed to Go in a Baby s Mouth. Pacifiers and bottles usually are not accepted. Some charities don t accept baby items, period so if you re trying to donate strollers, bouncy seats, and the like, call ahead first.
  • Don t Leave Items Unattended. Charities that accept toys often have designated drop-off points or pickup availability, so leaving a box of toys at a charity door is in bad form. At the very least, call ahead and let them know you re coming.
  • Don t Attempt to Give Used Toys to Hospitals. While they may be able to use a few books and clean items in a waiting room, there are strict hygiene guidelines that must be adhered to when it comes to having toys in patients rooms. If you want to donate toys, new items with tags are best.
  • Don t Wrap Toys. Make sure your donations are unwrapped and entirely visible.
  • Don t Give Items That Have Been Recalled. Such toys should be returned to the manufacturer, not donated to charity.

Toys and Taxes

You can often claim toy donations as a deduction on your taxes, but you have to do a few things first. To start, catalog all of the items you re donating by type and what shape they are in. Then, you must specifically donate to a tax-exempt organization. If you re not sure if a facility can claim exempt organization status, check the IRS EO Select Check tool. Then, ask the organization for a donation receipt when you drop off the toys you ll need it for your tax records.

Final Word

If none of these option work for you, visit, a website designed to facilitate free donation pickups for charities in your area. By going to the website, you can schedule a pickup and delivery to a charity of your choice simply by inputting your ZIP code.

Wanting to donate old toys is definitely commendable, and there are literally hundreds of deserving charities that could use your help. It can seem overwhelming, but by making the charity selection a family affair, you can get extra toy clutter out of your home while instilling a spirit of giving within your kids.

Which other charities would you suggest for used toy donations?

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