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AG – Clothing Donation Bins – Donor Beware, donation bins.#Donation #bins

Clothing Donation Bins – Donor Beware


The Attorney General provides Consumer Alerts to inform the public of unfair, misleading, or deceptive business practices, and to provide information and guidance on other issues of concern. Consumer Alerts are not legal advice, legal authority, or a binding legal opinion from the Department of Attorney General.

In recent years, clothing donation bins have proliferated across Michigan. Their near omnipresence makes them convenient. But not all of these bins support charity. And even bins that bear a charity s name may not support the charity in the way you think. So before donating your clothes into one of these bins, it s worth learning how these bins are operated.

Many clothing donation bins are operated by for-profit recycling companies. Often, the recycling company agrees to do all the work of maintaining the bin. This usually entails regularly emptying the bin, discarding unusable clothing, and selling the remaining clothing on a per pound basis; in exchange, the charity receives a portion of the proceeds from the clothes. In other instances, a charity may simply license the use of its name to a bin operator in exchange for a cash payment. In still other instances, a charity may actually receive the clothing placed in the bin–perhaps for donation directly to the poor or for resale in the charity s thrift store.

The operation of clothing donation bins is subject to Michigan s Charitable Organizations and Solicitations Act. Under this law, generally, bin operators must be licensed with the Attorney General and file their contracts with the Attorney General. The law also prohibits misrepresentations and requires certain disclosures.

Of course, the legal requirements for bin operators do not ensure that a particular bin operator is compliant with those requirements. Before donating, donors should review a bin s disclosures. If there are doubts about the accuracy of those disclosures, an inquiry or complaint to the Attorney General could help to allay those doubts; it also may assist the Attorney General in enforcing the requirements for clothing donation bins.

Consumers may contact the Attorney General s Charitable Trust Section at:

Charitable Trust Section

Lansing, Ml 48909


Clothing donation bins can be a worthwhile receptacle for your used clothing. But donors should also understand how these bins operate in general and beware of abuses.

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How to Donate a Car to the Salvation Army: 12 Steps, automobile donation.#Automobile #donation

How to Donate a Car to the Salvation Army

Do you have an old car sitting around in your driveway or backyard that you haven’t driven in years? Even one that doesn’t run? Or do you have a new car you don’t need anymore? Instead of letting it rot away in your driveway, do some good by donating your car to the Salvation Army. There is no cost to you for making the donation. [1] The SA will use the car to help people in your community, and you can receive a tax deduction for the donation.

Steps Edit

Part One of Two:

Scheduling the Donation Edit

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

Part Two of Two:

Getting your Tax Deduction Edit

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

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Personal Donation Website – Compassionate Crowdfunding Blog, get donations.#Get #donations

Personal Donation Website

Why I Started My Own Personal Donation Website

Many people may feel uncomfortable asking for money from friends or family or starting a personal donation website for themselves. However, when an unexpected illness brings in mounting medical bills, starting a personal fundraiser can be a way to share your story, your updates, and your milestones. A personal donation website can also allow friends and family to show support. And to help them answer the question, “how can I help?”

Karen Spies an entrepreneur and mother of two explains why she started an online personal donation website and how it worked for her.

When I went to the doctor and heard that I had to have an emergency hysterectomy in 4 weeks, I was beyond panicked. I had been self-employed single mom scraping by for years- without health insurance for myself. To think that I had to submit to major surgery and be incapacitated for at least a month was terrifying. I talked with my boyfriend and he suggested working longer hours. Yet, I had already thrown my back out two times and hurting myself again would delay the surgery

I went home and called a friend to help me calm down. My friends’ wife got on the phone and said to me “Karen, this is no big deal. How much money do you need? $10,000? Just get 100 people to donate $100 each and you’ll be fine”. That statement was a turning point for me. I realized that I was not in combat against a huge adversary but that I really could go to my community and be cared for.

I went to the hospital to talk with the financial counselor. When he told me the deposit that I had to put down to schedule the surgery, I felt pretty capable, but when he told me the total amount that it was going to cost, I felt like I was falling down a well. I walked out in a daze and sat in my car for 10 minutes. I couldn’t believe that I had to let someone cut me open, that it was urgent and that I had to pay SO much for this horrible experience.

When I told my mother I planned to start a personal donation website, she was offended. “You are going to beg your friends for money?” she asked. “ It’s not begging!” I retorted. I was asking people that I knew and loved, people that I had been there for if they would step up and help me.

Yes, I was embarrassed. Yes, it was painful. Yes and… I felt as if it was the only way to get this done.

We had a successful fundraiser and raised more than enough to cover the cost of surgery.

The most amazing thing about my personal donation website were the comments and encouragement that I received both on the GiveForward site and in person. In contrast to my mother’s opinion, I had people that I didn’t even know telling me about their similar experiences and people who had not been present in my life for over 20 years stepping up to help. People were thanking me for my vulnerability. And people told me that they were grateful that I had given them the opportunity to help. Truly it wasn’t about the money. In fact, I think that the comments that people put on the site when they made their donations were the most healing part of my whole surgery experience. To know how many people love you is an invaluable gift.

In this virtual age, sometimes we think that humanity is cold and binary. We hear the propaganda that technology is destroying the community. Those naysayers don’t understand that the power of human connection is so strong that it is fostered by any communication, regardless of distance or media. They don’t understand how a Midwestern girl in Boulder Colorado had people all over the world reaching out to connect to her and support her. The ability of personal donation websites like GiveForward to mobilize community is truly a way in which we can be there for each other.

If you have a medical need, I would strongly suggest that you step forward and let people who care know what’s going on with you. Don’t let shame stop you from feeling the love that people in your life have for you. No one can feel good about helping if there isn’t anyone asking for help.

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Donation Receipt Template, Free Microsoft Word Templates, donation receipt template.#Donation #receipt #template

Donation Receipt Template

A donation receipt template is a slip which is signed by the charity, Non Government Organization or organization as an acknowledgment or record of the payments made by the individual for the goodwill of mankind. Basically when the organization will receive something, maybe a certain amount of cash, cheque, goods, items, utility things or anything else as a mean of donation will generate an official slip which afterward remind as record of premise contribution. No doubt a donation receipt may serve both parties the donor charity to keep it with them as per the requirement of official matters. Benefits of donation receipt; receipt may issue as a simple way to acknowledge the effort of donor, possibly generate by charity to professionally meet with the necessary requirements of donor, serve as an official statement of charity, provide support for tax-exemptions, contain the precise information, provide info according to the Income Tax Act, note as a tax-deductible component to record the amount of donation.

Here is a professional Donation Receipt Template that can be used by any Organization to track donations to a project or cause. This Receipt Template is created using MS Word 2007 and hence one will require it to edit and customize it as per requirements. However it is very easy to edit. This Donation Receipt already includes a Thank you note for the donors. How you can utilize this template? It is the question that you probably looking for. Since your require template is in front of you therefore, you only think about your actual requirements. It is equally important to understand your requirements than finding a right template. If you get a right template but still your requirements are not meeting then it is obvious that you are far away from your original requirements. So, if you are not yet clear about your requirements, then leave this page and make a clear understanding of your requirements. You can further categorize your priorities according to need. This will help you in identifying the exact template that can meet your expectations. Here, I would like to add one more sentence, you cannot find perfect template for your requirements. A very few changes in its title or image or text or in all can make your section ideal.

Before you download this template, please review our Term of Use.

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Donation Centers – Donation Bins, Goodwill of Southern New England, donation bins.#Donation #bins


Donation bins

Donation Centers Donation Bins

Get Directions

Attended Donation Centers

Branford Attended Donation Center

1151 West Main Street, Branford, CT 06405

Cheshire Attended Donation Center

1032 South Main Street, Cheshire, CT 06410

Cromwell Attended Donation Center

77 Berlin Road, Cromwell, CT

East Lyme Attended Donation Center

214 Flanders Road, East Lyme, CT 06333

Guilford Attended Donation Center

725 Boston Post Road, Guilford, CT 06437

North Haven Attended Donation Center

432 Washington Avenue, North Haven, CT 06473

Unattended Donation Centers

Orange Transfer Station

South Orange Center Road, Orange, CT 06477

Branford Transfer Station

747 East Main Street, Branford, CT 06405

Hamden Transfer Station

231 Wintergreen Avenue, New Haven, CT

North Haven Recycle Center

98 Elm Street, North Haven, CT 06473

Woodbridge Transfer Station Donation Bin

85 Acorn Hill Road Extension, Woodbridge, CT

East Haven Middle School Donation Bin

67 Hudson Street, East Haven, CT

Guilford Recycling Center Donation Bin

1900 Boston Post Road, Guilford, CT

New Haven Woodward Station Firehouse Donation Bin

826 Woodward Avenue, New Haven, CT

New Haven Dixwell Station Firehouse Donation Bin

125 Goffe Street, New Haven, CT

New Haven Whitney Station Firehouse Donation Bin

350 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT

New Haven Headquarters Firehouse Donation Bin

952 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT

New Haven Hill Firehouse Donation Bin

525 Howard Avenue, New Haven, CT

North Branford Recycling Center Donation Bin

290 Forest Road, North Branford, CT

North Haven Berkshire Petroleum Gas Station Donation Bin

11 Universal Drive, North Haven, CT

North Haven American Medical Response Donation Bin

289 Washington Avenue, North Haven, CT

Orange LA Fitness Donation Bin

96 Boston Post Road, Orange, CT

Southington Transfer Station Donation Bin

1 Della Bitta Drive, Southington, CT

North Branford Recovery Services LLC Donation Bin

21 Ciro Road, North Branford, CT

New Haven Westville Firehouse Donation Bin

105 Fountain Street, New Haven, CT

West Haven Bailey Middle School Donation Bin

106 Morgan Lane, West Haven, CT

Old Saybrook Transfer Station Donation Bin

497 Middlesex Turnpike, Old Saybrook, CT

Donato s Ristorante Pizzeria

270 Washington Avenue, North Haven, CT

East Lyme Transfer Station Donation Bin

91 Roxbury Road, Niantic, CT

Goodwill Outlet Parking Lot

2901 State Street, Hamden, CT

1 Dudley Avenue, Wallingford, CT

Cook Hill Elementary School

57 Hall Rd, Wallingford, CT

Middletown Transfer Station

185 Johnson St, Middletown, CT

New Britain Transfer Station

642 Christian Lane, Berlin, CT

153 Washington Avenue, North Haven, CT

61 Barnes Industrial Park North, Wallingford, CT

Goodwill Groton Store

664 Long Hill Rd, Groton, CT

Easter Seals Goodwill Industries Main Office North Haven

432 Washington Ave, North Haven, CT

Valley View School

81 High Street, Portland, CT

Wallingford Transfer Station

157 John St., Wallingford, CT

Clark Lane Middle School

105 Clark Lane, Waterford, CT

Bethany Transfer Station

765 Amity Rd., Bethany, CT

East Haven Transfer Station

240 Commerce St., East Haven, CT

Old Lyme Transfer Station

109 4 Mile River Rd., Old Lyme, CT

490 Washington Avenue, North Haven, CT

280 Middlesex Tpke., Old Saybrook, CT

Clinton Transfer Station

117 Nod Rd., Clinton, CT

Goodwill New Haven Store

472 Foxon Blvd, New Haven, CT

West Haven High School

Ice Rink, One Circle Street, West Haven, CT

30 Parker Farms Rd, Wallingford, CT

Honeywell Fire Systems Americas

12 Clintonville Road, Northford, CT

Meriden Transfer Station

Evansville Avenue , Meriden, CT

2600 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT

93 State Street, North Haven, CT

Cedar Island Marina

34 Riverside Drive, Clinton, CT

9 Lucy St, Woodbridge, CT

Local 33 Heat Frost Insulators

618 South Colony Road, Wallingford, CT

447 Ferry Street, New Haven, CT

800 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT

528 South Cherry St, Wallingford, CT

Fantasy of Lights

Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven, CT

New London Transfer Station

63 Lewis Street, New London, CT

Love Me Once Love Me Twice Consignment

752 Broad Street Ext., Waterford, CT

Hole in the Wall Consignment

35 Boston Street, Guilford, CT

Twice As Nice Consignments

169 N Plains Industrial Rd, Wallingford, CT

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Where to Donate Gently Used Toys This Holiday Season in NJ, donate toys.#Donate #toys

Where to Donate Gently Used Toys This Holiday Season in NJ

Donate toys

Do you have gently used toys or books your kids aren t using anymore? Instead of abandoning them on the Island of Misfit Toys, donate them to one of these organizations and make someone else s holiday brighter. Check out each org s website to see if they accept other donations besides toys and books, too.

Donation Town

Guidelines: Varies by organization

Don t have time to sort through all your kids stuff for each different charity? Donation Town brings hundreds of organizations together, so you can send your used games, sports equipment, action figures, dolls or stuffed animals to one place. Keep in mind they don t accept broken toys or toys with missing parts. Find a charity in your area online that you can schedule a free pickup of your goods with.

Pick Up Please

Guidelines: Accepts everything light and small enough for a person to easily carry

Downsize their stuffed animal collection this season by giving a few to a child in need. In partnership with The Vietnam Veterans of America, you can schedule a pickup that benefits their org through Pick Up Please. Give away everything from board games to dolls to sports equipment.

Reach Out and Read

Guidelines: New or gently used children s books

This organization specializes in promoting literacy at a young age. Medical providers associated with the org give kids books at well-visits to emphasize the importance of reading from an early age. There are 67 spots to drop your books off in the state, so you re bound to find a locale near you. You can also give a monetary donation, donate via your Amazon purchases and more.

Roxbury Social Services

Guidelines: Toys can be used; books can be used, but must be in good condition

Roxbury s social services department in Morris County) is on the lookout for all kinds of household items, including baby clothes, used toys, and crafting supplies. Not close to Roxbury? Call your local social services department to see if they ll take similar donations.

Salvation Army

Guidelines: You can donate just about anything

The most famous symbol of giving back during the holiday season accepts all kinds of stuff from clothes to bikes to stuffed animals. Schedule a pickup of your items or drop it off at a NJ donation box.

Second Chance Toys

Guidelines: Plastic toys

This group will give the tons of old toys in your house a new life (and your family more living space). Plus, handing them in at one of the locations in NJ or NYC keeps that non-degradable plastic out of landfills. Keep in mind this organization requires batteries to be included if a toy needs them to operate. Also, they re a seasonal operation, so drop-offs near you may only be running around Earth Week in April and December during the holidays. Check back online as the holiday season draws nearer.

Toys for Tots

Guidelines: Nothing that looks like a realistic weapon or with food; must be new

Run by the US Marines, Toys for Tots has several toy drop-off locales that you can leave new, unwrapped toys at. Search by county to find a spot near you. You can also set up a collection near you yourself, host your own Toys of Tots event at home or volunteer at a nearby warehouse.

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Home – Disabled Veterans National Foundation, amvets donations.#Amvets #donations

Main Navigation

Amvets donations Amvets donations Amvets donations Amvets donations Amvets donations

Amvets donations

Amvets donations

Amvets donationsNotice something different? Find out more about our new look!

Veterans Resource Fair

November 9th

On November 9th, DVNF will host its first-ever Veterans Resource Fair in the DC area. The event will have free giveaways, helpful resources for veterans and their families, and even free yoga classes!

Did You Know?


Veterans might not have a place to call home on any given night. DVNF wants to end this trend.

1 in 5

Veterans suffer from PTSD and/or depression.

3.8 million

Veterans have some sort of service-connected disability. Support for these veterans is more critical than ever.

You Can Help

Veterans throughout the nation are in need of help. Your donation matters to them. Give once, become a Force Multiplier, give in honor of a loved one, or find out other ways you can help.

Read More Amvets donations

GUEST BLOG: What is a Sheep Dog ?

Read More Amvets donations

GUEST BLOG: Caring for Elderly Veterans

Read More Amvets donations

DVNF Veteran Employee Spotlight Gary Hwang


DVNF s grants are intended for organizations who are making an impact on veterans in their communities.

We currently have 3 different types of grants:


Amvets donations

Stay up to date on the ways DVNF is helping our veterans. Sign up for our E-Newsletter today!

Honor Wall

Joseph Carper

Amvets donations

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Car Donation – Donate a Vehicle to Charity, automobile donation.#Automobile #donation

Allstate Car Donation

Automobile donation

Automobile donation

Car Donation

Automobile donationA job can save a person’s life. It can make the life-changing difference for a young person who’s been in and out of trouble, an adult on welfare, or a struggling single mother. The Center for Living & Learning’s Cars4Jobs program transforms people’s lives by getting them back to work and back on their feet. You can help be a part of making a life-changing difference simply by donating your used vehicle. As a 501c3 non-profit organization we rely primarily on your car donation for our funding and we are committed to make your vehicle donation process fast, efficient and hassle-free.

  • Any vehicle running or not

Donate a Car to our Charity Today!

When you donate a car it goes directly to helping transition people out of trouble and getting them back to work, unlike some other vehicle donation organizations that call themselves charities but in actuality are not. We provide professional training, job search counseling, coaching and more to make sure that people have the right tools to make them successful in the workforce. This year through our car donation charity, 73% of the individuals we worked with obtained jobs, a tremendous accomplishment in today�s harsh economic climate.

Don�t just hear it from us. Hear it from some of those whose lives have been forever changed for the better. Read their stories, see what they have to say, and then put your unwanted car to work – putting Americans back to work.

Fast Track Vehicle Donation

As an acclaimed vehicle donation charity that relies primarily on charitable auto donations to change lives, we are motivated to ensure the maximum legal tax deduction for any vehicle donation. We make your car donation fast, efficient and simple. From the moment your vehicle is picked up to when it is processed at an auction, you can count on our trained apprentices to promptly file paperwork, resolve title issues, handle DMV corrections, lien and will and trust releases. You won t have to worry about unnecessary hassle or stress!

Since 2001, Allstate Car Donations has been the fundraising arm of Center for Living and Learning , an organization that helps rebuild lives by steering adults who have fallen on hard times and at-risk youth towards a brighter future. In these difficult times we re making our mission to help more people than ever before.

Tired of looking at that old vehicle in the driveway?

Save yourself the headache of an independent sale. When you donate a vehicle to Allstate Car Donations, the tax benefits are combined with the satisfaction of giving back and knowing that you truly made a difference. The proceeds from your car donation directly impact those in our program, including:

  • Veterans
  • Individuals transitioning from rehabilitation
  • Youth-at-risk
  • Chronically Unemployed
  • Individuals recovering from substance abuse
  • Welfare to Work

Don’t wait. Get your charitable car or other motorized vehicle donation under way today with Allstate Car Donations by calling (855) 227-7456 now!

Vehicle Donation services available nationwide including Hawaii and Alaska. Note: We Do Not Pick Up in Mississippi or Illinois.

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Get Donations Right Now: 8 Fundraising Hacks, get donations.#Get #donations

get donations

You may have donors who are hesitant to donate because they feel they have to donate a lot to make a meaningful contribution. Put them at ease by letting your donors know that the minimum donation amount is only $5 and even a small donation will go a long way to helping you achieve your goal.

Here’s how Volunteer Forever fundraiser, Stephanie put this tip into action:

“What I did was messaged everyone on my Facebook friends list and told them that I did the math, and if I got everyone on my friends list to donate the minimum of $5, that it would pay for my flight. Most people donated more than the $5. More like $20. I’m still getting some random donations from this system.”

Create an awesome flyer with a QR code that links potential donors directly to your Volunteer Forever fundraising page. Check out this flyer that Volunteer Forever fundraiser, Gina, created for her campaign:

Get donations

Time: 30 minutes

  • Reach out to People Who Share Your Cause

    Most volunteers have one or two causes that they’ll be focusing on when they volunteer overseas. Whether it’s animal care, health and medicine, or youth education, you can be sure that there are plenty of organizations and businesses in your local area who are passionate about your cause.

    Volunteer Forever fundraiser, Sara, who will be working with Animal Experience International in Nepal, shared this hack with us:

    “One thing that I did was reach out to those in my city, who work directly with dogs some way. Because I will be volunteering with dogs without homes, I reached out to Veterinarians, Dog Trainers, Dog Groomers, Pet Stores. anyone who works directly with dogs, and shared information about what I’ll be doing and shared my fundraising page.”

    Bonus Hack: Ask these organizations and businesses to post your Volunteer Forever flyer in their offices!

  • No Webcam Required- Create a Fundraising Video.

    Camera shy? You can still include a fundraising video on your campaign page. Create a video collage from your pictures using Stupeflix or include a video from your volunteer program. Fundraising campaigns with a video raise on average 115% more than campaigns without a video.

    Check out this awesome video that Raffi created for his volunteer trip to Nepal:

    Time: 30 minutes to an hour

  • Mind hack- Stay Persistent and Keep Asking!

    Get donations

    Get over your fear of asking for money by just doing it. You’re in good company on Volunteer Forever. Volunteers just like you have raised over $200,000 on our site and this number is growing each day. You can reach your fundraising goal, but it will take hard work and persistence.

    Here’s what fundraiser Julie had to say:

    “I was extremely persistent and diligent. I learned that people need to be reminded constantly. They are busy. They get distracted. They may see one of my posts and think, ‘oh yeah, I want to give to Julie’s campaign’, but then they forget until they see the post again. That’s why I kept posting and sharing. I got over feeling like I was annoying people. I got over feeling afraid that they would say no. I just kept asking, and they gave. Social media and crowd sourcing are powerful tools. But, just like anything else, if we want them to work for us, we must put in the time and effort.”

    To busy to post on a regular basis? Use a free social media manager like Hoot Suite to automatically post on Facebook and Twitter in the future. Posts have an effectiveness of about three days, so make sure you are scheduling posts at least twice a week. Hoot Suite is free for individuals, so there’s no excuse for not getting started!

    Time: 30 minutes

    Get donations

    Get donations

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  • Non Profit Donation Receipt, donation receipt template.#Donation #receipt #template

    Non-Profit Donation Receipt

    Donation receipt template

    If you are looking for a non-profit donation receipt to acknowledge donations from donors, it is important that you familiarize yourself with it. A donation receipt is a written document, is prepared by a non-profit or charity, issued to a donor stating the amount of donation has been received. As the donation receipt has no standard formatting, each charity creates its own different formats. However, they all contain similar details. The donation receipt is important to you in so many ways and therefore, it is better that you should have an overview of how it looks.

    Nonprofit donation receipt details

    The following information is essential that you can find in a nonprofit donation receipt:

    • First, the receipt should have the name of the donor written in full.
    • Second, the receipt should include the amount donated. The amount is written in both figures and words.
    • Third, it should also include a statement indicating whether the donor received something in return for the contribution. For example, donation receipts from religious organizations always contain a statement to indicate that the donor received intangible religious benefits in return, however, those benefits value no money for tax purpose. In case goods or services are contributed, the donation receipt must include a good-faith estimate of each item.

    Importance of non-profit donation receipt

    A nonprofit donation receipt is very important to both the donor and the charitable organization in several ways:

    • To begin with, the receipt can qualify the donor for tax deductions. When you are filing your tax deductions, you should provide the receipt to the IRS.
    • In addition, non-profit donation receipt serves as a proof of donation. The receipt is a legal document that indicates that on a certain date; you donated a specified amount of money to a named organization.
    • Lastly, the receipts are important to the charitable organization as they make the correct bookkeeping. When making financial statements, the organization will use copies of receipts as supporting documents.

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