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Mustang Air Conditioning – Heating #air #conditioning #heating #repair


Mustang Air Conditioning Heating 1964-2017

  • If your Mustang’s engine isn’t at the right temperature, it’s not going to perform properly. Similarly, if you’re not comfortable when driving your Mustang, you’re going to not want to drive it anymore. That’s what makes your Mustang Heating and Air Conditioning system so important. CJ Pony Parts has every part you need to keep these vital systems in your Mustang running in perfect condition.

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    Heating Cooling

    In most parts of the United States, the climate required Ford to have both Mustang heating and Mustang air conditioning systems. Therefore, when the Mustang was introduced in 1965, it included a Mustang air conditioner as an option on all models except for the HP V-8. Over the years, Mustang air conditioning became standard on most, then all models. Today, every car sold contains a Mustang air conditioner and every Mustang has always contained a heater.

    Generally, the Mustang heating and cooling system is going to be an area of your Mustang that you want professionals to be involved in servicing and repairing. Due to the complexity of the heating and cooling system and some of the chemicals that are involved in keeping you and your Mustang cool and warm, it is usually difficult for the owner to handle that annual service and any repairs on your Mustang. Simple repairs, however, are definitely things that the owner can handle, and CJ Pony Parts has all of the Mustang heating and cooling parts to make those repairs happen.

    To maintain the Mustang air conditioner and the Mustang heater, make sure you see a professional technician, like the team at CJ Pony Service, at least once per year. Both the Mustang air conditioning system and the Mustang heating system have numerous belts, hoses and pulleys that should be checked for damage, leaks or wear and tear. The Mustang radiator and Mustang thermostat can also easily fail, requiring you to purchase and install a new Mustang radiator or Mustang thermostat. Mustang owners will also want to make sure the air filter is clean and the car has the proper amount of coolant in the Mustang radiator to keep the Mustang engine cool and for the Mustang air conditioner and Mustang heater to work properly.

    If you encounter a problem with your Mustang air conditioning system or the heating system, check all of the Mustang hoses & hose clamps. seals and belts to make sure none have broken. If anything is broken, CJ Pony Parts has the part you need to repair your Mustang air conditioner or heater, including Mustang radiators and Mustang thermostats, so you can order it and get it quickly, which will get your Mustang back on the road.

    Repairing some of these hoses, clamps and the thermostat is actually a job that many Mustang owners can tackle on their own. Swapping out a hose and a clamp is very simple, and the thermostat or radiator replacement is generally a pretty simple repair as well. If those repairs don’t fix the Mustang heating and cooling system, the problem with your Mustang heating and cooling might be much bigger and ore involved. So, if that doesn’t do the trick, you may need to see a mechanic at CJ Pony Service, who can professionally fix or replace your Mustang air conditioning system or heating system.

    2017 CJ Pony Parts. All Rights Reserved.

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    Medical administrative assistant degree courses, classes & career outlook #medical #assistant #programs #in #san


    Medical Administrative Assistant Degree

    Why Everest

    Everest is part of Zenith Education Group, a non-profit career education system with 24 campuses nationwide. As a non-profit, we reinvest in the student experience. Since 2015, we ve invested millions of dollars into the campus community through grants, scholarships, and tuition reductions.

    • Hands-on job training for today s job market
    • Control over your schedule through flexible online and classroom training
    • Certification preparation and testing included at no extra cost
    • Personalized Career Services counseling and job placement support*
    • Affordable tuition with a variety of financial aid options**
    • Community of support and camaraderie

    *Employment is not guaranteed, but career services help is available for students and graduates.
    **Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

    Medical Administrative Assistant Program Overview

    Medical administrative assistants are perform similar duties to the administrative assistants you might find in a traditional business setting. Medical administrative assistants, also called medical secretaries, work at the front desks of health care facilities across the country.

    But because they’re working in the health care field, medical administrative assistants also need specialized knowledge about the type of practice in which they work. They need to understand the intricacies of America’s health insurance system as they are often responsible for processing patient insurance and Medicare claims.

    In short, medical administrative assistants are essential to an efficient and profitable medical practice.

    Everest’s Medical Administrative Assistant program is designed to prepare you for an entry-level position as a medical administrative assistant in a variety of health care settings. After graduating from this program, you’ll be able to:

    • Take patient vital signs
    • Process insurance claims
    • Understand essential medical terminology
    • Maintain all files and patient records
    • Prepare and process insurance claims including HMOs, PPOs and workers’ compensation claims
    • Understand disability income insurance and legal issues affecting insurance claims

    Note: Program schedules and availability vary by campus.

    Medical Administrative Assistant Courses

    Everest’s Medical Administrative Assistant courses are designed to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to work for a modern medical practice. Program courses cover generalized office skills as well as subjects and issues specific to health care.

    As a student in Everest’s Medical Administrative Assistant program, you will have an opportunity to study such subjects including:

    • Basic Principles of Accounting
    • Computer Applications
    • Medical Terminology
    • Medical Law and Ethics
    • Communications
    • Medical Transcription

    These administrative, business, medical and communication courses will provide you with a well-rounded background to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing health care industry. You will gain valuable skills, enabling you to become a vital link between patient and doctor.

    Note: This Medical Administrative Assistant program description is not necessarily reflective of every Medical Administrative Assistant program offered across all Everest campuses. This is a summary of general topics learned within most schools. Please check your campus catalog for specific details about what is taught in the Medical Administrative Assistant program near you.

    Medical Administrative Assistant Careers

    As a graduate of Everest’s Medical Administrative Assistant career training program, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience you need to compete for entry-level jobs in this growing field.

    Strong clinical and administrative skills can provide you with employment opportunities in medical and dental offices, clinics, long-term health care facilities, insurance companies, hospitals and home health agencies.

    The duties you perform will vary from location to location. But typical responsibilities include:

    • Answering and directing phone calls
    • Scheduling appointments, surgeries and consultations
    • Maintaining medical records and other files
    • Greeting visitors
    • Taking payment for visits
    • Filling out and filing medical insurance claims
    • Routing medical test results to the appropriate staff
    • Electronically transmitting medical records and correspondence
    • Tracking supply inventories and ordering new supplies as needed

    Note: Program availability, version and schedules vary by campus. Please check your campus catalog for specific details about which medical administrative assistant programs are available.

    *Your own hard work, professionalism, experience, work attitude, local market and other factors will impact your personal employment opportunities and pay.

    Financial Aid

    Everest helps students reach their educational goals and reduce student loan debt in a number of ways, including institutional grants and scholarships.*

    Students are encouraged to use our resources as often as needed. These services are included at no additional cost and include:

    • Answers to your federal student loan questions
    • Information on your loan servicer
    • Clear explanations of all your federal student loan repayment options
    • Information on how to reduce or postpone your monthly payment

    Contact ECMC Solutions, Everest s loan counseling partner, by phone at 1-877-331-3262 or visit its website to email or web chat: .

    Scholarships and Grants

    The Zenith Student Grant is a multimillion-dollar institutional grant program awarded to students of Everest and WyoTech schools owned by Zenith Education Group who demonstrate financial need.

    This and other financial aid is available for those who qualify.

    Contact a representative by phone at (888) 223-8556 or click here to learn more.

    Find All Programs Near You

    Want to see all your career training options? Simply enter your zipcode below.

    Please enter a valid Zip Code

    There are no programs in your area

    However, Everest is always opening campuses in convenient new locations, check back soon to see if there is a campus near you. For more information about available campuses, call us at (888) 486-8130 .

    The selected filters do not match any programs in your area

    However, Everest is always opening campuses in convenient new locations, check back soon to see if there is a campus near you. For more information about available campuses, call us at (888) 486-8130 .

    Sorry, we could not find any Medical Administrative Assistant programs in your area. Instead, here are all of the programs offered in your area.

    Choose A Program

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    What To Do With An Out Of State Speeding Ticket #out #of #state #traffic


    Traffic Violations Blog | Unger and Kowitt

    What To Do With An Out Of State Speeding Ticket

    Seeing as the 4th of July is right around the corner, and people will be taking summer driving trips in record numbers this year. I thought it was a perfect time to discuss the topic of what to do with an out of state speeding ticket.

    We’ve written extensively on what to do with a traffic ticket from another state, and even put together a FREE eBook for people who got a traffic ticket while visiting Florida from another state. But I wanted to write for those people who are going to be traveling this summer and may get a speeding ticket after they cross state lines.

    It’s important to know that there is something called the Driver License Compact. which basically is a collection of states (there’s only a few states that do not participate) that have agreed to share information between each other as it relates to traffic tickets, including speeding tickets.

    In a nutshell, what it says is that the states that form the compact will agree to share information between each other; and if you get a ticket in one of the states, it will be treated as if it were received in your home state, as long as the violation exists in your home state.

    So if you happen to get a ticket in another state for something wacky like driving a black car on Sunday (supposedly illegal in Denver. look it up) and your state doesn’t have that law, then the violation won’t transfer.

    However, if you get a speeding ticket, and every state has a speeding ticket statute, then you will have to deal with it. And dealing with it should not mean paying it. The points will transfer to your home state and your insurance will probably increase.

    My advice? Look into fighting it. It’s simple enough to do. Get on the internet and find a local traffic attorney who will give you a realistic opinion of your case and the expected outcome and fee. It must be fought in the place the ticket was given. So if you don’t want to drive back to defend yourself, a traffic attorney is the perfect solution.

    Whatever you do, don’t let an out of state speeding ticket ruin your summer vacation. Get out there and enjoy that road trip.

    If you want to speak to a Florida Traffic Attorney. give me a call at 800-489-4125. If you want more information, check out my out of state eBook.

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    New York and California (out of state tickets) #out #of #state #traffic #ticket


    California Drivers with New York Speeding Tickets If you are from California and plan on driving through New York this holiday season, it’s a good idea to understand some of the basics of New York traffic law. Traffic tickets can attach to your license back home and carry negative consequences if you do not handle [ ]

    California Drivers with New York Speeding Tickets

    If you are from California and plan on driving through New York this holiday season, it’s a good idea to understand some of the basics of New York traffic law. Traffic tickets can attach to your license back home and carry negative consequences if you do not handle them right away. Just because you live in a different state does not automatically excuse you or lessen the punishment if you do not have to take care of your ticket. It is always a good idea to consult an attorney to better understand the consequence in addition to the fines and points on your license.

    Will A Traffic Ticket in NY Affect My Driving Privileges in California?

    It’s likely (see below). Both New York State and California are members of the Driver’s License Compact (DLC). The DLC is an agreement shared between 45 states across America that allows for driver information and history to be shared freely with one another. This means that although you may be a resident of California, a ticket you receive in NY can affect your license back home. Agreements between the states and how this information can be used against you vary from state to state.

    Will points transfer from NY to California?

    If you get a NY traffic ticket and are a resident driver of California, points are almost always assessed against you for the New York state ticket. California usually assesses one point against your driving record for out of state tickets. For NY speeding tickets regardless of how fast you were going when you were pulled over, California will usually assess 1 point against your California license. Serious offenses however, such as driving while having your license suspended, DWIs, and reckless driving, will usually transfer 2 points to your driving record even when the offense was committed in New York.

    Fines and court fees are owed to the court which has jurisdiction over your case. When you are handed a traffic ticket in New York, the ticket itself doubles as a summons to appear in court. The court that will be hearing your case is usually listed on the ticket. Fines and related court fees are owed to the court that is listed. You will never be double-fined (i.e. California cannot collect a fine for your NY traffic ticket and vice versa).

    New York law holds that if you accumulate 11 points or more, you will lose your driving privileges in the state of New York. Although NY will not confiscate your California license, your privileges for all intents and purposes will be suspended in New York and you should not operate a vehicle in New York.

    What if I am a New York Licensed Driver and Got A Ticket in California?

    The good news for New York drivers is that many out of state tickets will not amount to points on your New York license. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles does not record out-of-state violations committed by New York drivers. However an exception applies in the case of DWIs and certain other serious driving violations.

    Will An Out Of State Ticket Affect My Insurance?

    As noted above all fines and fees are due to the court that is hearing your case. With the Driver’s License Compact any information reported to the home state can be communicated with your insurance company. It is important to realize that car insurance premiums can increase with out of state tickets.

    Make sure to contact an experienced NY traffic ticket lawyer to help you avoid the fallout of an out-of-state speeding ticket. Adam H. Rosenblum of The Rosenblum Law Firm is a traffic ticket attorney licensed to practice in both New York and New Jersey.

    We would like to thank Attorney Adam H. Rosenblum, one of New York State’s most renowned Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers for his very informative contribution to our blog.

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    Web Apps #iphone #web #apps


    Web Apps

    Figure 1. You can make your web content available to users in two ways: in a traditional web browser and in an Android application, by including a WebView in the layout.

    There are essentially two ways to deliver an application on Android: as a client-side application (developed using the Android SDK and installed on user devices in an APK) or as a web application (developed using web standards and accessed through a web browser there’s nothing to install on user devices).

    If you chose to provide a web-based app for Android-powered devices, you can rest assured that major web browsers for Android (and the WebView framework) allow you to specify viewport and style properties that make your web pages appear at the proper size and scale on all screen configurations.

    Figure 1 illustrates how you can provide access to your web pages from either a web browser or your your own Android app. However, you shouldn’t develop an Android app simply as a means to view your web site. Rather, the web pages you embed in your Android app should be designed especially for that environment. You can even define an interface between your Android application and your web pages that allows JavaScript in the web pages to call upon APIs in your Android application providing Android APIs to your web-based application.

    To start developing web pages for Android-powered devices, see the following documents:

    Supporting Different Screens from Web Apps How to properly size your web app on Android-powered devices and support multiple screen densities. The information in this document is important if you’re building a web application that you at least expect to be available on Android-powered devices (which you should assume for anything you publish on the web), but especially if you’re targeting mobile devices or using WebView. Building Web Apps in WebView How to embed web pages into your Android application using WebView and bind JavaScript to Android APIs. Debugging Web Apps How to debug web apps using JavaScript Console APIs. Best Practices for Web Apps A list of practices you should follow, in order to provide an effective web application on Android-powered devices.

    Follow Android Developers on Google+

    Check out Android Developers on YouTube

    This class requires API level or higher

    This doc is hidden because your selected API level for the documentation is. You can change the documentation API level with the selector above the left navigation.

    For more information about specifying the API level your app requires, read Supporting Different Platform Versions .

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    Colorado Insurance Quotes: Compare Quotes to Save Money #colorado #insurance #quotes, #compare #colorado #insurance


    Peak Out with Colorado Insurance

    Colorado insurance is as wide-ranging as the state and as diverse as the population. Case in point: the mountain west poses far different risks to motorists and homes than does the Front Range, and neither has much in common with the eastern plains. The differences can be even more striking when you look at Colorado’s demographics. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that city slickers in Denver have different insurance needs from rural residents from La Junta, or high rollers in Aspen. In short, acquiring Colorado insurance quotes is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, making it that much more important for Coloradoans of all walks of life get to know their individual insurance needs if they hope to get the best value on insurance in the Centennial State.

    Calculating Colorado Insurance Costs

    For starters, however, it’s good to get a baseline on what insurance is likely to cost in Colorado, and most Coloradoans are satisfied to hear that Colorado insurance ranks middle-of-the-pack when compared to the national average. Here are a few stats to help satisfy your curiosity:

      • Colorado Auto Insurance — In a recent study by the Insurance Information Institute (III), Colorado ranked 24th in the nation for auto insurance rates, with an average cost of $738 per year. To put that in perspective, the District of Columbia ranked first with annual premiums of $1,140, while Iowa had the cheapest auto insurance in the nation at $518 per year.
      • Colorado Home Insurance — According to recent data compiled by the III, Colorado ranked 16th in the nation for home insurance rates, with an average cost of $826 annually. That’s $708 less than the $1,534 a year that residents of top ranked Florida pay, and $404 more per year than last place (depending on how you look at it) Idaho.
      • Colorado Health Insurance — A study of U.S. census data by the consumer advocate Commonwealth Fund found that Colorado ranked 24th and 28th in the nation for single and family oriented health insurance plans, with average costs of $4,303, and $11,952 per year, respectively.

    If Only Colorado Insurance Were That Easy

    As comforting as it can be to know what the average Coloradoan pays for insurance, it’s important to realize that your individual circumstances and Colorado insurance needs ultimately determine your insurance rates. For example, the increasing numbers of homes being built in Colorado’s Red Zone (high wildfire risk areas) are more expensive to insure than homes in the rest of the state, and many insurance companies now send inspectors to evaluate wildfire risk and establish wildfire risk mitigation plans that homeowners must follow in order to obtain coverage. And if you commute daily from Fort Collins to Denver on I-25, you’re going to pay higher auto insurance premiums than a rancher up in Yuma, simply because of the increased risk that goes hand in hand with spending a few hours each day on one of Colorado’s busiest, and most dangerous, stretches of interstate. On top of the typical home and auto insurance most people carry, business insurance costs in Colorado can also add up pretty quickly, which even a cursory look at Colorado business insurance quotes will reveal.

    Where to Turn for the Best Colorado Insurance Quotes

    Regardless of who you are and where you live in Colorado, however, there are proven strategies for saving on insurance that apply across the board. Maintain a good credit history, only file insurance claims when they’re absolutely necessary (insurance companies do keep track and share your claims history with a national database), and take advantage of discounts such as good student discounts, good driver discounts, and discounts for consumers who double up on home and auto insurance with a single provider, or life insurance and homeowners insurance just to name a few examples. Finally, be sure to shop around, and shop around often, when it comes to Colorado insurance quotes. Not only does using an online quote provider like make it easy for you to keep on top of current insurance rates (which are always fluctuating, both over time and from provider to provider), but soliciting Colorado insurance quotes from an online quote service also makes it possible for you to compare the coverages, rates, and service of multiple providers, allowing you to be certain you’re getting the best rates, and the best possible insurance coverage, for all of your Colorado insurance needs.

    Colorado Insurance Information By City:

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    Trade Price Copiers are based between Nottingham and Derby.

    Photocopiers to rent

    Colour copiers to rent hire from �15 per week

    We sell low price high quality photocopiers to the public all at trade prices, We’ve been in the business for years and betweens us have over 37 years of knowledge of copiers and consumables and what suits the customer We’ve never needed a sales person to sell our products as we let our products and service speak for themselves. We specialise in the rental of black and white photocopiers from as low as �25 per month and colour copiers for rental. free call out, free service and repairs and its free to upgrade at anytime. Colour copiers to rent hire from �15 per week

    If you’re asking the question where can I rent a colour photocopier from. you’ve already found us. You can find out how much its costs to rent a photocopier out through our website. While we also offer new Office photocopiers copiers, our specialty is professionally-refurbished, like-new equipment. sold or can be rented for up to 75% less than you could get the same new elsewhere

    Colour Photocopiers to rent buy in If you would like to rent or buy a photocopier in Leicester Loughborough Coalville Birmingham Hinckley Ashby Burton Upon Trent Swadlincote Melbourne Long Eaton Breaston Beeston Melton Mowbray West Bridgford Arnold Mansfield Chesterfield Ashbourne Nuneaton Uttoxeter Worsop Sheffield Rotherham Ilkeston Spondon Heanor Ripley Kirkby In Ashfield Coventry Solihull Sutton Coldfield Stapleford Wigston Tamworth Newark Matlock Lichfield Chesterfield Copiers in Derbyshire Nottinghamshire Leicestershire East Midlands UK

    We again specialise in the compatible toners for any photocopier and most of the popular laser printers. All the toners carry a warranty. For more information on our office supplies and stationery please see our stationery goods page. For more on photocopier sales copiers to buy or rent see our many pages on copiers update regularly

    Telephone:- 0115 9395577

    or emails us by clicking on the link

    Trade Price Copiers have over 35 years of experience in the copier business We sell the very latest in laser digital photocopiers that have the facility to be networked from all your PCs, we also have a large customer base who rent photocopiers with a rental charge as low as �8 per week which includes free parts and labour, no call out charges, free servicing with no contract that tie you down and its free to upgrade or downgrade your photocopier at anytime.

    We have a large customer base that varies from local businesses, schools, hospitals, banks to airports and we are continuing to grow our core business of photocopiers and laser/fax/photocopier consumables

    We repair Ricoh. Kyocera Nashuatec Gestetner Lanier

    We sell reconditioned copiers that are end of lease or the customer has simply upgraded, these copiers have been fully serviced.

    Please see our current stock of copiers colour or black and white photocopiers or check weekly as this list can change.

    With the growing need for colour copiers please view our pages on colour photocopiers for rental or to buy.

    All our colour photocopiers come with the ability to act as A3 A4 colour laser printers as well as coming with scanners as standard.

    We sell used or new photocopiers black and white colour all for sale lease copier machines A3 Ricoh Digital photocopiers compare our colour copier prices and reviews on office machines from small desktop to network multifunctional A3 colour photocopiers. Used or new, cheap or expensive we cover all photocopiers from Ricoh Kyocera Nashuatec and more.

    Trade Price Copiers rent on a short, and long term basis. The main advantage of renting as opposed to leasing the photocopier is that their is no credit check making Trade Price Copiers ideal for start up companies

    This gives the new start up companies or business’s that have been established for 100’s of years the opportunity to escape being tied into a lease for 5 years.

    We rent hire colour copiers long term as well as short term.

    What We Do

    At Trade Price Copiers, we provide the most up to date technology colour photocopiers for the modern office, at the lowest possible price. We do this by selling one of the best copiers available, the Ricoh built copiers and multi functional devices. We service every colour photocopier we sell or rent hire

    We buy colour copiers coming off of three year leases in bulk, recondition them, and get them to you at the best rental price possible, These machines usually haven’t even reached 90 days of their rated usage for instance, a Ricoh machine rated at 40,000 copies per month, will often come to us with less than 100,000 copies on it, or two and a half months of expected use and that’s why can can put these colour copiers out on such a low meter scheme and low costing of �20 per week for a full colour copier A3 A4 double sided and be network ready that no other copier company can get near our costings. Colour photocopier Rental

    We rent hire colour copiers and we show our prices on all our photocopiers unlike most who tend to hide their cost of any copier colour or black and white they advertise. Trade Price Copiers don’t even have a salesman who would be working on commission on every sale of a copier colour or black and white we just state the price of copiers.

    No salesman to keep harassing you into signing a copier contract, No salesman making a commission on the copier you’ve been sold.

    Trade Price Copiers have no contracts for copier sales and no salesmen. The price you see is the price you pay.

    Where can I buy a colour copier from well we rent out or sell to all the following areas Photocopier Nottingham. Photocopier Derby. Rental copiers Copier to buy Nottingham Rental copiers Derby. Photocopiers in Nottingham. Photocopiers in Derby. Rent Lease Hire Buy photocopiers Nottingham Derby. Rent hire copiers Nottingham Derby, where can I buy a Colour copiers photocopiers in Nottingham Derby Leicester Loughborough Tamworth,Coalville Hinckley Ashby Burton Upon Trent Swadlincote Melbourne Long Eaton Beeston Breaston Melton Mowbray West Bridgford Arnold Mansfield Chesterfield Ashbourne Nuneaton Uttoxeter Worksop Sheffield Rotherham Ilkeston Spondon Melbourne Heanor Ripley Kirkby In Ashfield Coventry Solihull Sutton Coldfield Stapleford Wigston Market Harborough Grantham Newark Matlock Lichfield Chesterfield Retford East Midlands photocopier copier photocopiers copiers holidays isis brexit Donald Trump

    Syria Chemical weapons U S airstrike war Phone 5 4G video adobe ubuntu antispyware soft youtube x factor american idol britains got talent america default euro Manchester United city Chelsea Barcelona NATO windows 7 XP apple mac imac celebrity sales colour copiers copier photocopier photocopiers multifunction rent rental hire syria iran ipod touch premier champions weather Barack Obama ISIS Putin missing plane Brexit remain leaving Europe Donald Trump

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    5 Ways to Clean Up A DNA Sample – Bitesize Bio #bio #clean #up


    5 Ways to Clean Up A DNA Sample

    One of the most common tasks in molecular biology is cleaning up DNA from aqueous solutions to remove buffer salts, enzymes or other substances that could affect downstream applications. Examples include cleaning up PCR reactions, digests or other enzymatic treatments and cleaning up genomic or plasmid DNA contaminated with cellular proteins/debris. There are several ways to approach DNA clean-up, here are five of them.

    1. Phenol-Chloroform Extraction

    Phenol chloroform extraction (see Kirby, 1957 ), normally followed by ethanol precipitation, is the traditional method to remove protein from a DNA sample. In this procedure, the DNA solution is mixed with phenol and chloroform. The water-soluble DNA partitions into the aqueous phase, while the proteins are denatured by the organic solvents and stay in the organic phase. The aqueous phase containing the protein-free DNA can then be collected.

    Advantages. A cheap and effective way to remove proteins from DNA solutions.
    Disadvantages. Slow compared to most modern methods, there is a risk of phenol/chloroform carry-over into the final sample (which could inhibit downstream enzymatic reactions), chloroform and phenol are both hazardous chemicals.

    2. Ethanol Precipitation

    Ethanol precipitation is a tried and tested method for de-salting and concentrating DNA. 0.1 to 0.5 M monovalent cations (normally in the form of the acetate salt of sodium) is added to the DNA, along with ethanol to a final concentration of 70%. Ethanol changes the DNA structure so that the DNA molecules aggregate and precipitate from solution (see Eickbush and Moudrianakis, 1978 ). Since most salts and small organic molecules are soluble in 70% ethanol they stay in solution and the precipitated DNA can be separated from them by centrifugation.

    Advantages. A cheap and effective way to de-salt and concentrate DNA.
    Disadvantages. Time consuming and risk of ethanol carry-over into the final sample

    3. Silica Column-based Kits

    Column-based kits offer a convenient approach to DNA cleanup. The principle is that chaotrophic salts are added to the sample to denature the DNA by disrupting it s hydrogen bonding. Under these conditions, the DNA will selectively bind to the silica resin in the column, allowing it to be separated from the rest of the sample. After washing the DNA is eluted from the column with a low salt solution which allows the re-naturing of the DNA, causing it to lose affinity for the silica. A good example of this technology is Qiagen s Qiaquick series, which has several kits for agarose gel extraction, enzymatic reaction, nucleotide and PCR clean-up.

    Advantages. Convenient, relatively fast and the user can process large number of samples using the vacuum manifold option.
    Disadvantages. Fairly expensive, and in my experience low yields (as low as 25%) and chaotrophic salt carry-over are common.

    Note. Zymo s DNA clean-up and concentrator kit offers an alternative, based on the same silica resin technology, where the sample can be eluted in a very small volume to give high DNA concentrations.

    4. Strataclean Resin

    Stratagene s StrataClean approach uses a slurry of hydroxylated silica, which (almost magically it seems) binds protein with a high affinity, while having a low affinity of DNA at near neutral pH. The slurry is added directly to the DNA sample, which is then mixed and centrifuged and the supernatant containing the protein-free DNA is collected. The protocol takes just a few minutes, although 2 or 3 clean-ups may be required to certain stubborn enzymes (details are available in the kit s protocol).

    Advantages. Very fast and cheap, no chaotrophic salts or organic washing solutions
    Disadvantages. Only removes proteins. Removal of salts requires a traditional ethanol precipitation step.

    5. Magnetic Beads

    This approach uses magnetic beads that conditionally bind DNA and can be immobilized on a magnetic to separate the DNA from the rest of the sample and allow washing etc. Invitrogen s ChargeSwitch technology is the best example of this I have seen. It uses magnetic beads that are positively charged, and will therefore bind to DNA, at low pH but at high pH they are negatively charged and release the DNA.

    Advantages. Fast, no chaotrophic salts or organic washing solutions, very good yields and spectophotmetric purity in my experience
    Disadvantages. The inital outlay for the magnets is reasonably high and the procedure is a bit tricky when handling multiple samples.

    I think that covers it! If you have any more suggestions, or indeed any questions, please feel free to add a comment.

    Originally published October 25, 2007. Updated and republished June 9, 2015.

    BeHi on May 28, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    Thanks for this fantastic overview!
    There is even another way of DNA clean-up called micro-dialysis. Many people clean their PCR products by osmosis before using them in downstream applications (e.g. sequencing).

    There are special membranes available for this (e.g. from Millipore, 0.025 micrometers pore size) which are placed on a petri-dish filled with low-TE (0.25x works well). On this membrane a drop of solution containing the PCR product is applied and incubated for up to 20 minutes (not much longer since the volume of the sample constantly decreases by evaporation). Subsequently the DNA can simply be transferred to a fresh tube or directly used in downstream applications.

    Advantages: Quick protocol (incubation for 10 minutes will suffice in most cases). Virtually no hands-on time.
    Disadvantages: Only salts are removed while proteins remain in the sample. DNA concentration increases due to evaporation and has to be re-determined afterwards. Don t forget to mark the positions on the membrane: when processing more than one sample the drop will look all the same!

    Sneha on December 30, 2015 at 4:28 am

    Can you give us a link for the micro dialysis of DNA. Can it be applied on extracted genomic DNA,apart from PCR products?

    James Ameh on February 13, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    Good analysis on 5 ways to clean up DNA.What about mitochondrial DNA extraction and ways in which this type of DNA can be clean up?

    richa on August 28, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    could u please tell why 1:1 concentration is taken for phenol and chloroform. why we dont use absolute alcohol for precipitation? how ethanol changes dna structure; how it actually precipitate the dna?

    jasti on May 13, 2009 at 6:06 am

    does phenol has any effect on DNA. My DNA is getting sheared..i need longer fragments for my exp. can you help me out?

    Susana on January 30, 2009 at 6:42 am

    Why is it that in some procedures one has to add 100% ethanol first and then the 70% ethanol? What would be the purpose of the 100% ethanol?

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    Health Information Management Associate s Degree #master #in #health #informatics


    Health Information Management

    Health Information Management Overview

    Every time health care personnel encounter a patient, they record what they observed, treatment implemented, and patient outcomes. In today s technology world, this information is maintained electronically in healthcare information systems. The Health Information Manager is a vital member of the healthcare team and is responsible for managing these systems where the expanding arena of healthcare meets the cutting edge of technology. They are vital to the daily operation of health information and electronic health records. HIM professionals ensure that healthcare staff have the right information when and where it is needed while maintaining the highest standards of data integrity, confidentiality, and security. This growing career includes the practice of acquiring, analyzing, and protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to providing good quality patient care.

    Health information management is a combination of medicine, management, finance, information technology and law. As a result, HIM graduates can choose to work in a variety of healthcare settings. Health Information Management professionals are trained in the latest information management technology applications and understand the workflow process. HIM duties can include operating computer information systems, coding diagnoses and procedures for reimbursement, maintaining quality control of health records, and more in accordance with strict state and federal laws.

    HIM professionals have a flexible, focused skill set which incorporates clinical, information technology, leadership, and management skills. They use their knowledge of information technology and records management to form a link between clinicians, administrators, technology designers, and information technology professionals.

    Changing regulations and technologies allow the HIM professional to be involved in lifelong learning and continued professional development. As a result, HIM professionals can expect to be in high demand. There is increased demand for health information professionals in academic institutions, consulting and governmental agencies, and healthcare software companies. As HIM becomes more prevalent, health information management professionals will continue to be a critical component of the electronic health record workforce.

    The AAS Health Information program in Newport News and Richmond, Virginia is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).

    This is a programmatic accreditation by CAHIIM, a specialized accrediting agency for health informatics and health information management educational program. For more information, visit

    Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education
    233 N Michigan Avenue, 21st Floor
    Chicago, IL 60601-5800
    Telephone: 312.233.1100

    Medical Careers Institute’s faculty members have worked extensively in the Health Information Management field, and understand the “real-world” applications for the material they teach. It’s their goal to ensure that you can demonstrate fundamental knowledge in such core areas as:

    • Clinical work flow
    • Information systems
    • Information policy
    • Health data management
    • Administration

    What’s more, graduates can be prepared to take national certification examinations.

    Possible Career Track

    Upon completion, graduates with an Associate of Applied Science in Health Science with a concentration in Health Information Management could possibly pursue a career in multiple healthcare settings including:

    • Private Practice
    • HMO/Insurance/Managed Care Facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Primary Care Clinics
    • Intermediate- and Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation
    • Cancer Registry
    • Outpatient Care Centers
    • Mental Health Agencies
    • Hospices
    • Military and Industry
    • Home Healthcare


    Program Requirements

    Core Curriculum

    50 semester credit hours


    • Demonstrate proficiency in health data management, information policy, information systems, administration and clinical work flow.
    • Demonstrate skills necessary to operations management that will ensure an adequate and complete medical record and cost effective information processing.
    • Distinguish the legal and ethical standards of practice for health information management, including HIPAA, in a variety of health care settings and situations.
    • Function as a bridge between clinicians, payers, regulators, patients, consumers, and technology.
    • Demonstrate skills that are critical to adherence and promotion of continuous quality improvement, regulatory requirements, and the revenue cycle processes.
    • Ensure the availability of accurate health data through the application of current and future healthcare technologies including the electronic medical record, electronic health records, integration of healthcare technologies within healthcare systems, and wireless and internet applications.
    • Function as part of a team that includes not only health information management technicians, but also clinicians and customers, in a variety of settings.
    • Perform in the role of health information management technician by applying skills, values, and knowledge from the coursework to professional practice experiences.

    The following are the employment rates as reported to the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) for the August 1, 2012 to July 31, 2013 period.

    • Newport News: 100%
    • Richmond: initial report to be filed in 2016

    The HIM program at Newport News and Richmond campuses both have a 100% Employer Satisfaction Rate.

    For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who have completed the program, and other important information, please click here.

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    MS Word Car Show Flyer Template #car #show #flyer #template,car #show #flyer,car #show #flyer


    MS Word Car Show Flyer Template

    Posted by Kate | On 20 May,2015 | In Flyers

    Car Shows

    A car show is now a very common and frequently happening event these days. People usually get a car show flyer in their hands and all the car lovers, adore this event more than anything. The car show is normally held with a gap of 2-4 months, making it happen almost thrice a year.

    Online Car Show Flyer

    Many websites now offer the facility of ordering flyers through online means. It is faster and cheaper and comes along with the “top up” of letting you design your own flyer, providing you a great range of different themes, ideas, and designs. Car show flyer templates are one of the most searched upon over the internet nowadays.

    Purpose of a Car Show Flyer

    The purpose of a car show flyer is to give out the message to the public, regarding the car show and the place where it will be held. The people who love car shows and are interested in attending one, easily get to the venue through the help of the flyer. The car show flyer is usually spread in the nearby areas of the location of the event and then they keep on spreading further.

    Details to be given on the Flyer

    The details that must be mentioned on car show flyers are;

    • All the important context relating to the event
    • Pictures of some cars (the most attractive and loved ones), which will be the in the car show.
    • Make sure that the idea and theme play well around cars, so that car lovers are attracted.

    Preview and Details of Template

    License: ENERGY (Personal Use Only)
    (Not for resale and distribution) by Kate Elizabeth (CEO)


    Car Wash Flyer Template

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