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Call Center Software – Complete Outbound – Inbound Solution #cloud #based #predictive #dialer


Call Center Software

Complete Outbound Inbound Solution

The right call center software can help you generate more revenue by increasing the productivity of your team. Whether your sales floor is actively predictive dialing prospects or your customer service team is trained to handle a large volume of calls, our cloud-based system ensures they spend more time with live customers.

Inbound Call Center Software

Exceed Your Customer s Expectations on Every Call

Being in demand requires your business to be readily available by phone. Exceeding expectations requires you to answer inquiries quickly. Our inbound contact center solution efficiently routes calls to the proper associate while providing your agents with information about the caller. Having more knowledge empowers a service member to expedite the process, helping more clients, faster.

Inbound Calls

  • Instantly increase caller satisfaction.
  • Boost agent efficiency effectiveness.
  • Call recordings storage included.
  • Train agents using call metrics.

Outbound Predictive Dialing

Increase Agent Effectiveness Efficiency Instantly

Our predictive dialer provides businesses with an outbound dialing solution capable of managing the largest sales floors. Unlimited dialing capacity and unlimited list sizes allow you to quickly dial through any amount of data. Call recordings are included and stay on the system for 30 days. Use dialing metrics and recordings to train agents, increasing their effectiveness on sales or customer service calls.

Outbound Dialing

  • Increase dialing by 500% per agent.
  • Unlimited list dialing capacity.
  • Call recordings storage included.
  • Train agents using call metrics.

Browser Based with No Hardware

No software to download or expensive hardware to purchase, we are completely virtual. is 100% cloud based, so your campaigns and contacts are securely stored in the cloud.

Integrates Seamlessly

We Integrate with most CRM s on the market, call us for more information on integrating with your CRM.

Real-Time Stats Analytics

Our contact center solution keeps track of inbound outbound calls in real time. Never miss another marketing call again with instant notifications about missed calls and short call times.

  • View answered calls vs unanswered.
  • Compare campaign agent statistics.
  • Gain insight into individual agent stats.
  • View busy calls, and unanswered dials.
  • Live Calls Taken
  • Unanswered vs Answered
  • View Agent Stats

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Kansas City Personal Injury Attorneys #kansas #city #personal #injury #attorney




Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers

No matter the nature or severity of your injury, our attorneys are here for you during these trying times. We strive to provide our clients with personal attention and convenience every step of the way:

  • We represent clients on a contingent fee basis, which means you pay no attorney fees unless we obtain a successful settlement for you.
  • If you are injured, our attorneys will not hesitate to meet with you at home or in the hospital.

Missouri Car Accident Attorneys

At The Law Offices of Brian Timothy Meyers, we represent injured people and the families of wrongful death victims in Kansas City and throughout the state of Missouri and Kansas. Our founding attorney, Brian Timothy Meyers, has dedicated his legal career to seeking justice for individuals hurt by a negligent individual or company.

From Catastrophic Personal Injuries to Wrongful Death

From auto accidents and catastrophic personal injuries to wrongful deaths, our personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and skills to aggressively pursue compensation for you and your family. Our firm can manage the legal aspects of almost any injury for you, allowing you to focus on recovering.

Justice for You and Your Loved Ones

You need a personal injury attorney trusted to protect your interests. Call today to get you and your family the justice you are entitled to.

Decades of Experience

Brian Timothy Meyers has over 30 years of trial experience fighting for his personal injury clients. He will protect the rights of you and your family.

Get Results

Brian Timothy Meyers has been achieving great results for his personal injury clients for decades. He has won the highest personal injury verdicts and settlements for his clients year in and year out.

If you have been injured, contact The Law Offices of Brian Timothy Meyers at 816.318.7174.

It is important that we gather evidence and begin developing your case as soon as possible.

Medical Malpractice Victim

You guys rock. Thanks seems like such a small word for all that you have done. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. You do such a thorough job but you do it with such compassion, determination, perseverance and even fun 🙂 I feel like I can now start my life, make mom’s much easier and finally figure out a plan. I have to admit, I will miss our daily chats and I seriously would like to take you to lunch or dinner. I know this was a very hard case and I appreciate all that you did to take care of my best interests.

I referred a wrongful death case to Brian in the early 1990s. Eight other lawyers had turned the case down. Brian took the case, worked it, and it went to trial for two weeks. The jury awarded $1,000,000.00. Over the years, I’ve referred a number of injury cases to Brian. The bottom line: Brian’s clients are always satisfied with their recovery.

After reading about a medical malpractice verdict that Brian Timothy Meyers won for a client, I contacted him to refer a difficult medical malpractice case. The client was happy with the result. Since then, I have referred difficult cases to Brian’s firm over the years and the results have been outstanding.

Auto Accident Victim

I had an accident when a tractor trailer struck me when he ran a red light. My injuries required several surgeries thru a thirty-two month period. I needed an attorney that was going to fight for me. I needed an attorney with qualifications with years of legal experience, especially an attorney who is caring and is dedicated to his clients. That attorney is Brian T. Meyers. He met all my requirements with high marks! Our settlement was a huge success thru his work ethics and his professionalism. God bless you Brian T. Meyers! With your determination, you made my life a lot easier.

I have been associated with Brian Meyers Law Firm for over 20 years. I have been so pleased with his work that I have introduced many family members and friends to Brian who were glad that I did. He is the man you want on your side. You won’t be sorry.

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AA Japan #how #to #buy #a #car #in #japan


Used Japanese Cars exporter

AA Japan is one of the most prominent Japanese used vehicle exporters. We export a wide range of second hand Japanese cars, trucks and other vehicles to countries around the world: Kenya, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Russia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

AA Japan’s car stock includes more than 3,000 used vehicles from a host of Japanese automakers, including: Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Nissan, Suzuki, Isuzu, Toyota and Honda. Al Ain Japan stocks vehicles of many European and American brands as well.

We also stock commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, machinery, construction equipment and more.

Your satisfaction is our main concern. We always provide competitive prices, quality vehicles and high standards of customer service.

Competitive prices

We buy used vehicles and cars directly from Japanese car auctions. As a result, we always offer you the car you require at the best price.

The best quality cars

The Japanese used cars we offer have a strong reputation for quality. On top of that, Al Ain Japan inspects every individual vehicle for quality before buying it. We also inspect it again when it enters the yard and once more before shipping.

High Standard Customer Services

We are always with you, each step of the way. We will take care of quality inspection, official export certification and shipment schedule. If you have any specific requests, we will try our utmost to satisfy them.
See our buying process.

A trustworthy company

Al Ain Japan is a Japanese vehicle exporter with 20 years of experience. Since 1996, we have sold more than 100,000 cars in 50 different countries and satisfied more than 20,000 individual customers. We are certified by the following business organizations:


As a car dealer, we know you need to master your costs to make the best of every transaction. With that in mind, we created our Online Auction Services.

To make sure you can find the Japanese used vehicle of your choice at the best price, we offer you the opportunity to place bids directly at Japanese car auctions.

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Canada Protection Plan #life #insurance #ottawa


Life Insurance FAQ

This should be the first question you ask. Life insurance is used to protect you or your family from a financial loss in the event that you die unexpectedly. There can be many types of financial needs at death, including:

  • Final expenses. like funeral or cremation costs, lawyer’s fees and taxes
  • Paying off any outstanding loans
  • A fund to replace your lost income
  • An emergency fund to tide your family over through a difficult time
  • A fund to cover your children’s education

If your family has any of these financial needs when you die, then life insurance can help.

How much life insurance should I buy?

You should buy enough life insurance to cover all of the needs you have identified. Figuring out what your life is worth – or what kind and how much insurance you need, is not that difficult. You can get an idea using our Insurance Needs Calculator. or you can call one of our Licensed Insurance Advisors and they will be happy to help you through the process. Once you are done, you will know whether you need permanent insurance or term insurance, or both, and how much of each.

What kind of life insurance is right for me – Permanent Insurance or Term Insurance?

There are only two basic types of policies: Permanent Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance provides permanent protection – coverage as long as you need it, which means coverage until you die. This type of insurance:

  • Costs more, which makes sense because as long as you continue to pay premiums, this type of insurance will always pay out a death benefit.
  • Usually offers a partial refund of premiums if, for some reason, you decide to cancel your policy before you die. This refund is called a “cash value”.
  • Often offers a variety of premium payment options. Some permanent insurance plans are payable for as long as they are in force (sometimes called Whole Life insurance), while other plans allow you to pay a larger premium for a shorter period of time, such as 20 years.
  • May offer a variety of additional benefits, either at no cost, such as a Terminal Illness Benefit, or for an additional premium, such as an Accidental Death Benefit.

Term Life Insurance is temporary insurance. It can last for 5 years, or 10 years, or 20 years, or to your age 65, or for any other period that is defined in the policy. At the end of the term period, the insurance may end, or you may be able to extend it for another term. You may also be able to convert your Term Insurance policy into a Permanent Insurance policy. This type of insurance:

  • Costs less than permanent insurance. Usually, the shorter the term period, the lower the premium.
  • Only pays a death benefit if you die during the term period. If you live beyond the term period, this plan does not pay a death benefit.
  • Does not include any cash value if you cancel it early, and
  • Like Permanent Insurance, may offer a variety of additional benefits, either at no cost, or for an additional premium.

What is No Medical & Simplified Issue insurance, and what is the alternative?

Insurance companies have different ways of assessing risk, or deciding what policy you qualify for. The two broad approaches are referred to as “Traditional insurance” and “No Medical or Simplified Issue Insurance”:

  • Traditional insurance is underwritten or assessed by an insurance company using an application that may be 20 to 40 pages long, with medical tests and doctor’s reports. It typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to be issued.
    • This type of insurance tends to be less expensive for healthier applicants who want larger amounts of insurance.
  • No Medical Simplified Issue insurance is typically underwritten with just a few medical questions, no doctors and no tests. It typically takes just a few days to be issued.
    • This type of insurance tends to be for smaller amounts of insurance and/or applicants who have more health issues. And it is often only available in one plan type – smaller amounts of permanent insurance.

Canada Protection Plan specializes in No Medical Simplified Issue life insurance. We offer much larger amounts of insurance (up to $1,000,000). And we offer both permanent insurance and many different term insurance options. We also offer a wide variety of simplified underwriting options, from very few simple questions for an applicant with very serious health issues all the way to what we consider to be the simplest form of traditional underwriting for a healthy applicant. Because we offer so many choices, our plans offer better value than some No Medical plans available in Canada. Canada Protection Plan believes that No Medical Simplified Issue insurance can be an excellent insurance solution for many. But it is not for everyone. Our Licensed Insurance Advisors will help you to determine if No Medical Simplified Issue Insurance is right for you, or if you would be better served by traditional insurance. Either way, our advisors can take the mystery out of insurance and help you to complete the necessary applications and obtain the insurance that you need.


Designed for applicants in good health who want coverage faster than through traditional underwriting. This plan has our best rates, with coverage up to $1,000,000 starting as soon as you are approved. READ MORE >>

Canada Protection Plan’s No Medical Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance provides life insurance protection for periods of 10 years, 20 years or 25 years. This type of coverage is ideal for situations where your insurance need is temporary, and you know how long you require the coverage, such as for your mortgage or a child’s education. Canada Protection Plan has more Term Insurance options than any other No Medical Simplified Issue provider in Canada. Our variety of plans makes it easier for everyone, including the hard-to-insure, to get the greatest coverage at the lowest price in the least time possible.


  • We specialize in No Medical Simplified Issue Life Insurance. We have a number of term plans to choose from. These plans are designed for anyone who just wants a simple, fast way to buy term life insurance. And unlike some other companies, many of our plans offer full protection from day one.
  • We offer both level and decreasing term plans.
  • All level term plans are renewable and provide coverage to age 80.
  • If you feel you need coverage beyond age 80, all level term plans are convertible to a permanent plan until age 70 regardless of your health at the time of conversion.
  • The level plans are available in 10 year, 20 year and 25 year term period versions. The premiums on these plans remain level for the selected term period and then are renewable for additional term periods. The plans are guaranteed to be renewable regardless of your health.
  • The 25 year decreasing term plan can be an ideal way of protecting your family for your outstanding mortgage amount. Coverage lasts for 25 years.
  • Our plans include more free benefits than other life insurance providers.
  • We take great pride in providing superior customer service from the day you apply until the day the claim is paid.
  • Canada Protection Plan is Canadian owned and serviced by Canadians.


Designed for the hard-to-insure applicants; if you have a less serious health condition, or were previously refused insurance, Deferred Term is the right plan for you. READ MORE >>


Designed for someone in relatively good health, or engages in extreme sports, and doesn’t want to take a medical exam or provide a doctor’s report. Full protection starts with this plan as soon as your policy is issued. READ MORE >>


Designed for healthy people who want coverage quickly. This plan has great rates, with coverage up to $1,000,000 starting as soon as you are approved. READ MORE >>


Designed for applicants in good health who want coverage faster than through traditional underwriting. This plan has our best rates, with coverage up to $1,000,000 starting as soon as you are approved. READ MORE >>

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Cape Cod Sandwich Heating Cooling Contractors Barnstable Dennis #cape #cod, #sandwich, #heating #cooling #contractors,


  • High Efficiency Furnace

    These furnaces will save energy and reduce your bills by as much as 80%. They also come with an energy rebate covering as much as 30% of the cost.

  • Ductless Mini Split Heating/Cooling Systems

    Ductless Air Conditioning Units are small, unobtrusive, and easy to install. With concealed plumbing and any easy to use remote control, you can transform any room.

  • Interest Free Loans

    Through our certified relationship with Mass Save we are able to facilitate interest-free loans on energy efficient equipment we supply

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Our economically priced Indoor Air quality systems irradiate the air in your house with UV light to kill bacteria and fungi and improve the health of the whole family.

  • Tankless Water Heaters

    Never run out of Hot Water again, while providing hot water in the most energy efficient way possible.

  • NEST Wi-Fi Thermostats

    A L are experts in the installation and configuration of the latest technology in indoor climate control. We’ll help you to link to your phone and tablet to improve your day-to-day comfort and save energy by using heating and cooling only when you need it!

    About A L Heating Cooling Home Improvements

    We are available all the time and are always happy to help. We respond to questions promptly.

    What separates us from other Cape Cod Heating Cooling Contractors . A L Heating, Cooling Home Improvements offers the greatest value to our customers. We only employ the most experienced professionals in the area. The owners, Luke and Alec, are native Cape Codders and graduates.

    The quality and value of our work guarantees you receive the best service in the Cape Cod area. We encourage you to call, but you can also email us or leave a message through the contact form and Luke or Alec will call you back promptly.

    We also have no problem with staying and completing a job — even if that means staying past dark to get your HVAC system working properly.

    Cape Cod Heating Cooling Contractors, A L Heating, Cooling and Home Improvements, has been helping Cape Codders stay warm and cool since 2007. During that time, we have developed an excellent reputation for quality, responsiveness, and fair pricing.

    We maintain, repair, sell and install HVAC systems. Our HVAC repair services are available 24/7 and we can repair and maintain any brand.

    In keeping with our love of energy efficiency, we are now a MassSave Preferred Contractor. We also sell and install new or replacement windows and doors for homes and businesses.

    Blog Entries below. Comments are welcome.

    Forced air heating systems have advantages over hot water systems and vis versa. So what you need to figure out.
    Read More

    HVAC Maintenance Programs

    When did you last have your HVAC system checked out? If it is not maintained on a regular basis eventually it’s energy efficiency will decrease and your heating and or cooling costs will increase. We can come out perform a HVAC system tune up and having it running at max efficiency in no time.

    A L, your best choice for Cape Cod heating cooling contractors, recommends that you sign up for our regular inspection and maintenance program. We can take care of your equipment and make sure its working to full efficiency. As members of our HVAC maintenance club you will also receive discounts on our routine maintenance visits. Then it will not let you down when you most need it! Remember, we do free estimates so just call us to come and check out your system.

    HVAC Repair

    Is your cooling system making funny noises?

    • Your heat or AC just won’t come on?
    • Your central air conditioning turns on but no cold air comes out?
    • Heating system seems to be running all the time but it still isn’t warm enough?
    • One room is stifling hot and the rest of the rooms are cold?

    The best Cape Cod heating cooling contractors are available 24/7/365 for residential and commercial buildings throughout all of Cape Cod. Doesn’t matter if you are not an existing or past customer. The brand doesn’t matter either as we can fix all HVAC system brands.

    Contact us. We’ll find your problem for you and then give you a free estimate.

    Heating Cooling System Installation

    Have you finally had enough of the hot and humid days and nights?

    • Is your current heating system old and inefficient?
    • Tired of window ac units and want to upgrade to central air?

    Maybe its time to install an energy efficient central air conditioning system in your home or business. A L, one of the top Cape Cod heating cooling contractors, has a wide range of heating and or cooling systems available for your home or business.

    Call us and we’ll come and give you a free estimate. Then we will complete the job quickly and efficiently leaving you knowing you made the right decision!

  • The Salvation Army – Christmas Assistance #bone #marrow #donation #procedure

    #holiday donations


    amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;iframe src=”” height=”0″ width=”0″ style=”display:none;visibility:hidden” amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt; amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/iframe amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

    We are currently in need of.

    • Financial Donations
    • Clothing
    • Furniture
    • Household Goods

    Find a Location

    Search this Site

    Make a Donation

    Christmas Assistance

    The miracle of Christmas is repeated over and over again through the joy of caring and sharing. The traditional red kettle is an integral part of the Christmas scene, with millions of dollars donated each year to aid needy families, seniors, and the homeless.

    Donations and financial assistance provide Christmas dinners, clothing, and toys for families in need, including families of prisoners.

    Volunteers distribute gifts to shut-ins in hospitals and nursing homes, and shelters are open for sit-down dinners. The Salvation Army endeavors to bring spiritual light and love to those it serves at Christmas so that the real meaning of the season is not forgotten.

    Many families receive aid over a period of months after the Christmas season, as well as people struggling with difficult family, emotional, or employment problems.

    Because we want to respond to the varying needs of the communities in which we serve, all of our holiday assistance programs are administered locally. If you require assistance, you will need to contact your local Corps Community Center by using the location search on this page. Please note: Most locations begin registration as early as October, so it s recommended you contact your local Salvation Army as soon as possible to inquire about registration dates.

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    Receive Charity Donation by text message #hair #donation

    #text to donate service


    Receiving donations by SMS – We’ve got a few options for you!

    If you are looking to raise money for charity by SMS we’ve got a few options for you.

    These depend on whether you are looking at the service as a charity or on behalf of a charity .

    The shortcode number that charities can use usually start with a 7. We have 3 charity codes – 70017, 70027 and 70037 with donation amounts of 1, 3 or 5.

    Multiple amounts can be configured providing the end user with the freedom to choose how much to donate. For example texting “CHARITYNAME 3” could donate 3.00.

    The platform also collects the mobile numbers of end users who donate and stores them within your online phonebook. You can also send messages to people who donate at a later date to let them know of other ways to donate or perhaps to let them know about an event or latest news.

    You can also personalise each automated “thank you” reply message that end users receive back after making a donation. This can be simply to thank them, but can also include more information about causes or a link to resources or a website for example. When you advertise your service, people who donate must be clear on where there money will be used.

    Option 1 I/We are a charity.

    To qualify you must be a registered UK charity and you must be clear on the cause for the service. An example cause could be training dogs for blind persons, providing funding to supply charging stations for disabled scooters or providing clean water for people in a foreign country.

    Charity shortcodes allow you to receive 100% of the amount donated. We also allow the end user to complete a gift aid form on their mobile which entitles you to an additional 25%. Our fees are taken only from any gift aid and are capped at a monthly amount. Typically the charges for a month are a maximum of 25. But, if your service is not being used or nobody donates, you don’t pay anything.

    Option 2 I/We are acting on behalf of a charity.

    This option is for agents or persons/businesses making collections on behalf of a UK charity.

    As an agent or a person/business making collections on behalf of a charity you cannot use a charity shortcode – only the charity can do this.

    However, we do have shortcodes in place that allow you to still generate revenue for your chosen charities easily, although the costings and the way the service must be advertised are different.

    Talk to us.

    If you would like to know more, please feel free to call us 033 33 444 959 and we will provide the best solution for you.

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    Cars to Help Kids #charity #uk

    #donation cars


    Your car donation supports kids!

    Help the Children. Your car donation is needed to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged and disadvantaged children in our local communities. When you donate a car. you will be supporting the ongoing effort to make sure children everywhere have the chance to enjoy the most precious and innocent time of their lives. their childhood. Cars for kids are committed to supporting children’s hospitals, mentoring and educational programs, and funding various outreach initiatives that meet the needs of children in our communities. With the help of your vehicle donation. Cars for Kids will be able to make sure the children of today will be able to enjoy tomorrow.

    Click here to use our online vehicle donation form. It’s quick, easy and your vehicle contribution will help kids who need it most.

    We will provide free towing of your vehicle on a day that is most convenient for you. 24 hour pick-up available.

    Your donation is 100% tax deductible! We will issue you an IRS tax deductible donation receipt after we receive your vehicle.

    Your donated vehicle will be sold at the highest possible value and the proceeds from your donated car will be used to help those that are too young to help themselves. Your unwanted vehicle still has a lot of value, and we can use it to help the underprivileged and disadvantaged children in our communities. Please lend a hand by donating your vehicle to Cars To Help Kids today!

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    Donate Clothes – DonationTown #sperm #donation #in #delhi

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    Donate Clothes to Charity Free Nationwide Clothing Donation Pick Up

    Today, more than ever, you can help your neighbors and communities in need by donating clothes and other gently used household items to local charities. Your clothing donations make a big difference to individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. Clothing donations can provide an individual with the clothes and the confidence he needs to succeed in his next job interview. Donating clothing can enable a child to prosper at school among her peers. Clothes donations can keep a family warm at night when the temperatures drop. By making a tax-deductible clothing donation to a charity in your area, you are helping to make a difference in your community. Log on to today to locate a charity seeking donations of gently used clothes and to schedule a FREE pickup of your clothes donation .

    Which Charities Can I Support through My Clothing Donation?

    Charities in every corner of the country welcome your clothing donations. Donate clothes to the Salvation Army, AMVETS, the Rescue Mission, Saint Vincent de Paul, the Vietnam Veterans of America, or the Humane Society. Not sure which charity will accept clothing donations in your area? Log on to to find out which organizations in your community are in need of your gently used items and to schedule a FREE, fast pickup of your clothing donations. will deliver your clothing donations free of charge to a local charity.

    What Kinds of Clothing Can I Donate?

    Charities welcome all kinds of clothing donations. Donate a warm winter coat that you re not wearing anymore. Donate clothes that your children have outgrown. Donate boots and shoes in good condition. Donate maternity clothes. Donate baby clothes and other nursery essentials to help a young family provide a better start for their newborn. Donate coats, hats, scarves, and mittens. Donate the clothes that always find their way to the back of your drawer. Donate shorts, dresses, jackets, and shirts. will help you find a charity in need of just about any clothing donation you are able to make and will pick up clothing donations for FREE to deliver to a charity near you.

    If, in addition to clothing donations, you have other charitable donations to make households goods, electronics, toys, sporting and exercise equipment, furniture, for example can help you locate a charity in your area that will gladly accept your gently used items.

    Where Can I Donate Clothes? will help you locate a charity in your area that is in need of your clothing donations. In every state, from small towns to expanding metropolises, your clothing donations will help so many individuals in need. With just a few clicks, you can also schedule a fast, FREE pickup of your clothing donations. Log on to today to schedule a clothing donation pickup !

    How Can I Schedule a Fast, FREE Pickup of My Clothing Donation?

    Donating clothes to a charity near you couldn t be easier! Check out to locate a charity near you and to schedule a fast, FREE pickup of your clothing donations. Do you have other items that you d like to donate as well? will help you make charitable donations of all kinds to organizations in need in your area. makes it easy! All you need to do is start cleaning out those closets; will take care of the rest!

    Schedule a free donation pick up now!

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    Text to Donate #donate #to #cancer

    #text to donate service


    MobileCause provides mobile and online fundraising solutions for a new generation of donors with end-to-end digital fundraising software that is easy, fast, flexible and built exclusively for nonprofits.

    MobileCause solutions help organizations of all sizes strengthen traditional and digital campaigns across mobile, social, and online channels. MobileCause is PCI DSS certified, TCPA compliant, and donor data is compatible with any CRM. MobileCause is trusted by thousands of nonprofits and 28 of the top 100 US organizations including The Salvation Army, American Heart Association, University of Southern California, Habitat for Humanity and United Way.

    Request a Price Quote for Your Nonprofit Organization

    MobileCause plans are tailored for nonprofit organizations of any size and segment, to strengthen all types of fundraising and donor engagement campaigns.

    Text to Donate

    Give your supporters the power to donate from anywhere, right on a mobile device

    Collecting donations of any size billed to credit and debit cards using text to donate is as simple as instructing donors to text a keyword to a five-digit shortcode. They’ll instantly receive a text message linking directly to a secure donation form that captures full donor data right from their mobile phone. Text-to keywords integrate directly with all MobileCause solutions and can be promoted via print, email, social media, direct mail, TV, radio, and word of mouth, providing your organization with an easy way to encourage donations and engage with donors across campaigns.

    Text SMARC to 41444 see how text donations work

    Text to Donate vs. Text to Give

    Text to donate, text to give, credit card, or carrier billed? Here are the facts about text donations.

    While text to give used to mean a donation billed directly to the cell phone carrier, today the two terms are used interchangeably for any solution that allows donors to donate directly from their phone.

    All MobileCause text-to-give solutions are credit card billed, meaning the donor provides their billing information at the time of donation for direct remittance to your organization with your MobileCause nonprofit merchant account .

    Instant Keyword Setup for Fast Fundraising Results

    Segment text-to-give keywords by campaign, event, and more

    Create text to give keywords for easy donations at events, across marketing campaigns, in emails, on social media, and more. Once saved, your keyword goes live instantly without no waiting period for approval from cell phone carriers.

    Supporters can text to donate to your organization by texting your keyword to a five-digit phone number, also known as a shortcode. Donors can donate gifts of any size through the secure donation form and can even set up recurring gifts thanks to seamless integration with the MobileCause online giving solution.

    Text to Donate Fulfillment Reminders

    Automated text reminders increase donation fulfillment across demographics

    Individuals who do not complete their text to donate gift will receive three text message reminders over the following 8 days. This automation significantly increases responses for an 84% average fulfillment rate without any additional work for you.

    Empower donors to text to give to your cause!

    Text to Donate was last modified: May 13th, 2016 by Jeremy Koenig

    2016 MobileCause | All Rights Reserved

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