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#donate household goods


Donate Furniture, Beds and Household Items to Household Goods

Household Goods provides gently used household furnishings free of charge to individuals and families in need.
Household Goods needs a steady stream of clean, usable furniture and household items to outfit more than 300 individuals and families in need each month.

When considering what to donate, please remember that our clients are often coming out of hard times. Items should be in a gently used condition that you yourself would feel comfortable giving to a friend or neighbor.

In general, we need household items that can be used by a family living in a small apartment. Please note that we do not accept clothing, food or toys.

We thank you in advance for your support in helping us help our community!

How to Donate

Donations can be dropped off at Household Goods, 530 Main Street, Acton, MA 01720. Drop-off hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 9am-noon.

Click here to see a Calendar of Holiday Closings. Please do not leave items when we are closed. Please call or email us if you are unsure of items that we will accept.

Household Goods has a limited pick-up service staffed mainly by volunteers for larger items. Learn more about our pick-up service here.

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Comic Relief #donation #jars

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We’re really sorry, but with people across the UK scrambling to support Red Nose Day, our site is a bit overwhelmed and has had to have a lie down. Rest assured we’ll get it back up and running ASAP

In the meantime.

Donate online

We are still able to take online donations so you can donate now by card or PayPal.

Donate by phone

Call the Red Nose Day donation line on 03457 910 910*.
*Standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply.

Donate by Post

Send a cheque or a postal order, made payable to Red Nose Day 2015, to

Red Nose Day 2015
Ernst Young
PO Box 51543

Donate in person

Ask to pay into the Red Nose Day account when you pop into a bank, Post Office (Freepay Account 5550), or building society.

Pay in your fundraising

Thank you so much for your fantastic fundraising efforts. You can pay in the money you’ve brilliantly raised in person, by post or alternatively check back here to pay it in online when our site’s back up and running.

1. At any high street bank

Please use the giro slip in your Fundraising Kit, or ask for one at the counter after Red Nose Day. Don’t forget to fill in all the details on the Giro Slip so we know who raised the money!

2. At a Post Office or building society

Simply ask to pay into the Red Nose Day account (Freepay Account 5550).

Please make cheques or postal orders payable to ‘Red Nose Day 2015 (Fundraise)’ if you did general fundraising, ‘Red Nose Day 2015 (Bake Off)’ if you did bake-related fundraising, or ‘Red Nose Day 2015 (Danceathon)’ if you did Danceathon-related fundraising. Send them to:

Red Nose Day 2015
Ernst Young
PO Box 51543

Please don’t forget to attach the giro slip from your Fundraising Kit (if you have one), or a paying in form, and your sponsorship form. That way, we can claim Gift Aid where your sponsors have ticked the Gift Aid box and filled in their details.

Schools and nurseries pay in

Sponsor someone

Our fantastic fundraisers are counting on your superb sponsorship, so please come back later on to sponsor them. Your sponsorship will make their day and could change someone’s life forever

Join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

To find out more about getting involved with Red Nose Day and for all the latest behind the scenes news, video and photos:

Go to the Comic Relief Facebook page

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Online Giving – Online Donations for the Church #vietnam #veterans #donation

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We’ve made online giving easier than ever.

Online Giving

Collect donations easily with your customized giving page for members and visitors to access through your website or anywhere you share the link. Donors can also create an account from the giving page and set up recurring giving with selected fund, frequency and amount.

Mobile App

Members of your church can give in as little as two steps with the easyTithe Mobile App. From here, donors can make a one-time donation or set up recurring giving simply from their iOS or Android device.

Text Giving

Wherever your donors are, chances are their phones are not far from them. Text Giving provides a quick and easy donation process that will connect members wherever generosity strikes. We provide a unique 10-digit phone number for your church that donors will save and donate to regularly.

Giving Kiosk

Make a huge impact on your ministry by adding a Giving Kiosk from our three models. Kiosks provide a hub for card donations and provide the ability to fill out an event or volunteer form and provide payment. Members love the quick and easy access of Giving Kiosks.

Churches using easyTithe see an average increase in overall donations of

easyTithe puts more money on your bottom line per donation than any other system, program, software, or company out there, period.

We have a cost effective solution, jam packed with tools features, that has been time-tested and proven. easyTithe helps minimize the fees, so you can maximize your ministry!

Why you’ll love easyTithe

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Donate Goods – Homelessness Charity – Emmaus UK #donate #to #me

#donate household goods


Donating your goods to Emmaus

Donate goods

Emmaus communities depend on donations of furniture and other goods to keep their business going. We also save more than 3000 tonnes of items from going to landfill every year.

Just because you no longer need an item, don t throw it away, by donating it to Emmaus you re not only keeping it out of landfill, but you re also making sure it goes to a new home, while also doing something to help others.

It goes without saying that we need to be able to re-sell items, but if a piece of furniture is a little bit battered and worn, we can sometimes give it a new lease of life in our upcycling workshops.

Donate furniture

We accept donations of good quality furniture. We can only take donations of sofas and chairs if they have a fire label, as otherwise we re not allowed to sell them on. We can also arrange to collect large items from your home.

Donate electrical items

Many of our Emmaus communities are able to PAT test electrical items for safety, which means, unlike a lot of charity shops, we can take donations of electrical items.

Donate clothing

We can accept all sorts of clothing and fabric donations, and we recycle anything we re not able to sell on in our shops.

We can also accept donations of books, records, CDs, bric-a-brac, china, glasswear and bicycles.

To find out if your local community is able to accept your donation, please contact them direct, or fill in the donate goods form and they ll get back to you.

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Donate to Life for a Child #posters #on #blood #donation

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Donate to Life for a Child

The scope of what needs to be done is vast. Diabetes management is complex. While the first step is getting access to insulin, it needs to be followed up with education on managing diabetes, extending sustained care and also improving the quality of care. This takes both time and ongoing resources, so donations such as yours are crucial to the success and longevity of the Life for a Child Programme. Thank you for your contribution.

Dr Graham Ogle, LFAC General Manager

By donating just $1 a day to the IDF Life for a Child (LFAC) Programme, you can provide a child with:

  • Regular insulin
  • Quality blood glucose monitoring equipment (meter, strips, lancets)
  • Essential clinical care
  • Up-to-date diabetes education materials
  • Specialised diabetes training for medical staff

Donations to the Programme are carefully directed to key areas of diabetes care and management so that established paediatric diabetes centres and associations can provide the best possible care, given local circumstances, to all children and youth with diabetes in developing countries. Financial trails and health outcomes are carefully monitored by the Programme management team. Along with detailed and regular financial information, centres also send an annual list of the children who are supported, along with full medical details on each child (de-identified). Site visits of centres by international experts are conducted as needed.

Less than 5% of funds are used for administration.

How to donate

Tax relief on charitable donations varies greatly from country to country. If you are donating from Australia, The Netherlands, or USA. your donation is eligible for tax deductibility. Learn more .

If you are not donating from these countries or if tax deductibility is not an issue for you. you can make a one-off donation through the International Diabetes Federation using the form below. Enter the amount that you would like to donate and your contact details, then press continue. This will take you to a secure website where you can safely enter your credit card details. Please note that at the present time we can only process Visa and MasterCard through our online payment system. Credit card transactions are managed by PayPal.

One-off donation

Recurring donations

Recurring donations to the IDF Life for a Child Programme can be made through:

1. PayPal, using the form below. Two options are available:

  • Monthly – EUR 23/USD 30
  • Yearly – EUR 274/USD 365

2. Everyday Hero. if donating in Australian Dollars (AUD), you can choose either a recurring donation or one-off donation.

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Donate goods to Habitat for Humanity ReStore #egg #donation #uk

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Donate goods to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore

What it means to donate goods to Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Need to donate stuff?

Remodeling, cleaning, down-sizing or just getting organized? Whatever your project, don’t let the items you no longer need end up in your local landfill.

Habitat for Humanity ReStores divert hundreds of tons from landfills each year, accepting hard-to-dispose-of items including new and used furniture, appliances and surplus building materials. In many cases, pickup service is provided for large items.

Best of all, proceeds from the sale of these donated goods help families build a foundation for the future.

How does donating to ReStore help families?

The money raised by Habitat ReStores helps families build a decent and affordable place to call home. When the items you donate to ReStore are sold, the money helps families achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better future.

What can you donate to ReStore?

Habitat ReStore accepts new and gently used appliances, furniture, building materials, household goods and more from individuals and companies. Each ReStore is unique, and many locations also accept items outside these categories. Contact your local ReStore to see if they are in need of items you’d like to donate.

Find a ReStore near you

Enter your location in the search bar on the Habitat ReStore homepage to find the ReStore nearest you.

How do you donate goods to Habitat ReStore?

Habitat ReStore staff and volunteers make the donation process as simple as possible. You can always donate goods in person, and many Habitat ReStores offer free pickup of large items. Here’s how the process works.

1. Find the Habitat ReStore location nearest you

2. Confirm your ReStore accepts the items you have available

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UK Charity Registration #non #profit #organization

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Welcome to our Charity Registration Services

We are Businesslegal a legal services consultancy established since 1994. We incorporate and set up both profit and non-profit organisations. On the non-profit side we have considerable expertise in charity registration of organisations in England and Wales with the Charity Commission. In Scotland we register charities with the OSCR (Office of Scottish Charity Regulator) .

We assist individuals or organisations who wish to register a charity organisation with the Charity Commission or OSCR and thereby obtain a charity number. Whether you are resident in the UK or overseas we can show you how to get charity status. You may need our assistance to set up an appropriate charity organisation (eg a trust, charitable incorporated organisation, company limited by guarantee or a constitution) and then register it as a UK charity. or, you may already have one of these organisations set up but need expert advice on how to register a charity in the UK .

As a separate process we assist charities who wish to register a charity with HMRC so that they can claim gift aid relief on donations from individuals. This is an entirely independent process to registration of a charity with the Charity Commission.

What is a Charity? Do you qualify for registration?

Charities must have, and carry out, wholly charitable purposes and activities. Not all purposes, even those that may be beneficial or philanthropic, are necessarily charitable.
Find out more

Register Your Charity Now!

To proceed to register a charity with the Charity Commission in the UK please go to our Register a Charity enquiry form

© Copyright BusinessLegal Limited, Holgrave House, 9 Holgrave Close, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6TX, England
Businesslegal Ltd is Registered in England and Wales No 2970617

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FCRA: NGO Receiving Donation from Outside India #donating #cord #blood

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FCRA: NGO Receiving Donation from Outside India. Foreign Donor.

NGO Receiving Donation from Outside India:

There are certain restrictions for NGOs to receive donation from outside India. The source of money is the important determination in applying Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of 1976 on the recipient NGO. Any foreigner or organization, which is not controlled by Indians, is a ‘foreign source . Some organizations such as World Bank and UN Agencies are not called ‘foreign source’.

NGO need to have either prior permission or registration under FCRA.

In order to receive contribution in any kind or currency from foreign sources NGO needs the approval from Indian government which is called prior permission or they have to register under FCRA (foreign contribution regulation act). Foreign source includes:

i. The Government of any foreign country or territory and any agency of such Government.

ii. Any international agency, not being the United Nations or any of its specialized agencies, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or such other agency as the Central Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, specify in this behalf.

iii. A foreign company within the meaning of the section 591 of the Companies Act, 1956 (1 of 1956), and also includes-

a. A company which is a subsidiary of a foreign company.
b. A multi- national corporation within the meaning of this Act.

iv. A corporation, not being a foreign company, incorporated in a foreign country or territory.

v. A multi-national corporation within the meaning of this Act.

vi. A company within the meaning of the Companies Act, 1956 (1 of 1956), if more than one-half of the nominal value of its share capital is held, either singly or in the aggregate, by one or more of the following, namely:

a. Government of a foreign country or territory.
b. Citizens of a foreign country or territory.
c. Corporations incorporated in a foreign country or territory.
d. Trusts, societies or other associations of individuals (whether incorporated or not), formed or registered in a foreign country or territory.

vii. A trade union in any foreign country or territory, whether or not registered in such foreign country or territory.

viii. A foreign trust by whatever name called, or a foreign foundation which is either in the nature of trust or is mainly financed by a foreign country or territory.

ix. A society, club or other association of individuals formed or registered outside India.

x. A citizen of a foreign country, but does not include any foreign institution, which has been permitted by the Central Government by notification in the Official Gazette, to carry on its activities in India.

Any organization, which has a ‘definite cultural, economic, educational, religious or social program’, is covered by FCRA. For practical purposes, this definition covers all NGOs and also the unregistered societies like Mahila Mandals. NGO with FCRA registration or prior permission should not give FCRA funds to NGOs which do not have FCRA registration or prior-permission. NRI donations to an Indian NGO may be Indian funds or FC funds. If the NRI holds an Indian passport, then the donation will be Indian funds. If not, then these will be FC funds. The type of bank account or currency does not matter.

From donor point of view, the following guidelines will be helpful in deciding whom to donate and what are the implications:

i. If you are holding Indian Passport, you are free to donate to any NGO registered in India. Your donation will not be treated as of foreign source.

ii. If you are a non-resident Indian, not holding Indian Passport, you can donate to NGOs that registered under FCRA. Your donation will be treated as of foreign source.

If you wish to donate an NGO that is not registered under FCRA, you may give a letter of intention to donate a specified amount for a specific purpose/program of the NGO to the Central Government of India and the NGO.

NGO need to apply for prior permission, under FCRA act, by attaching your letter of intention. Once prior permission is received by the NGO, then that NGO is eligible to accept your donation.

iii. If you are a citizen of any country other than India, the norms as stated above in point (ii) will apply.

iv. Please verify the NGO for FCRA certificate before you donate.

Get detailed information and forms visit FCRA FOR NGOs and you shall learn about FCRA with and forms are also available.
Post your NGO PROFILE, which may help others to know about your Organization. Any Non Governmental organization from any country shall post their profile which is 100% free.

You shall post your Organization Video Links, You shall upload your Organization Project files and Much More. This NGO SEEK also helps the NGOs to find Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors and other needy for their NGO Projects.

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Donate household goods #corporate #donations

#donate household goods



WHO ARE MY DONATIONS HELPING? is a service of Vietnam Veterans of America.
We’ll pickup your used clothes and household goods at your convenience
and use them to support programs that address the concerns and
needs of all veterans.

WHO ARE MY DONATIONS HELPING? is a service of Vietnam Veterans of America.
We’ll pickup your used clothes and household goods at your convenience
and use them to support programs that address the concerns and
needs of all veterans.

Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is a national veterans service
organization serving the needs of all veterans throughout
the nation and elsewhere. VVA is funded primarily by
various fund-raising activities and its membership.










    Gather your unwanted clothes and/or
    household items for a tax-deductible
    donation to the VVA.



    Rain or shine, our truck will pick-up
    your donations.

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  • Donations for ngos in India – donation to ngo in India, Charity in India

    #donation for ngo




    • You may organise a collection drive in your office / school / society wherein people may donate their old clothes (untorned and in wearable condition), dry ration, medicines (please check expiry date), toys, footwear, utensils, books etc.
    • You may visit Uday Foundation and teach children.
    • You may visit hospitals with us as a part of our distribution drive and feel the Joy of giving and a sense of satisfaction within yourself.


    CSR activities not only benefits the society and underprivileged sections but also, reaps benefits for a corporate itself and it’s employees.

    • Bank name: HDFC Bank
    • Branch: Adchini, New Delhi 110017
    • Type: SavingsA/c No. 03361450000251
    • IFSC Code HDFC0004397

    Donate through Cheque

    • Cheques can be made in favour of “UDAY FOUNDATION FOR CDRBG TRUST”
    • Please send the same at Uday Foundation,113A/1, (Near Govardhan Resturant), Adhchini, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110017 Phone: 011-26561333/444

    Visit our Centre and spend some quality time with the children we support.

    Come and interact with the children we are supporting. You can either play some games with them or read out their favorite story from our huge collection of storybooks or help them to solve some maths problem or just spend some peaceful time talking to them.
    Small Gifts You Can Donate :-

    • Small sweet box
    • Crayons, Colour Books, Pencils, Sketch Books
    • Water Bottles, Small Plates, Mugs
    • Small Biscuits Packets, Tetra Pack Juices, Soft Toffees
    • Toys, Kids Clothes, Storybooks (new or old but in good condition)

    Urgent In-Kind Help Needed

  • Clothes for Children, Women and Men.
    (New or old in good condition, All age groups)
  • Dry ration – Packed biscuits, flour, rice, sugar, powdered milk, pulses, tea etc.
  • Medicines: Common over the counter medicines.
  • Dignity Kits: Sanitary napkins, soap, toothbrushes and towels.
  • Woollens and Blankets (October – Februery .

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