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Rockford Computers For Schools (RCFS) is dedicated to providing a low cost alternative for achieving technology in the classroom.

Founded in 1997, RCFS is committed to a two-fold posture of bridging the digital divide and supporting environmental responsibility through the refreshment of prematurely retired computer systems.To date our program has placed over 5,200 computers in schools, non-profit organizations and need-based homes proving that limited funding does not preclude access to technology.

The Detwiler Foundation of California began the Computers for Schools Program in 1991 and serves as the model for Rockford’s program.

Our cost-recovery model is based on generous donations from corporations, businesses, and other large institutions. Rockford Computers For Schools (RCFS) refurbishes and upgrades this donated equipment with Microsoft software keeping current with educational technology standards. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), RCFS offers complete refurbished computer systems as a cost effective alternative to new equipment. With this model we are able to customize systems to support school district technology requirements and individual non-profit office needs while maximizing limited budget resources.

RCFS is a 501(c)3 organization in partnership with Illinois Growth Enterprises. Funding is totally through private donations, grants, and community foundations.

Rockford Computers For Schools offers certified refurbished computers to schools and non-profits for less than 1/10 the cost of new equipment. Click on About RCFS to learn more.

The Mission

Rockford Computers for Schools Program (RCFS) is to improve the opportunities for all children to use technology to expand, increase, and enrich their learning experiences.

The Program

Provides donated pre-owned and referbished computers from local individuals or businesses to schools in the Rock River Region and surrounding area. The use of donated computers and equipment greatly expands student access to technology.

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Susan G Komen® Arizona #donate #hair #to #cancer

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Komen Promise: to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality of care for all and energizing science to find the cures.

  • Funding programs that support those in the fight to save lives
  • Educating individuals about breast cancer risk factors . the importance of early detection and the resources that are available to them

While perhaps best known for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® – our affiliate is engaged in year-round activities that help us fulfill the Komen Promise on a daily basis:

• advocating for universal access to screening and treatment
• providing breast health education and community outreach
• serving as a resource for survivors and co-survivors
• funding life-saving education, screening and treatment programs in Arizona

Komen Arizona has been raising funds and supporting Arizona communities for 23 years, generating more than $35.6 million in donations. To date, more than $26.6 million has been allocated to local education, screening and treatment programs and more than $9 million has been raised for international breast cancer research.

The Difference We Make

Komen Arizona is part of the big picture to eradicate breast cancer. But we’re also focused on the local needs of our neighbors. We are dedicated to educating the residents in our service area about breast cancer and the resources available along with funding life-saving screening and treatment programs in for our neighbors currently battling this disease.

Since 1993, Komen Arizona’s funding provided the following thru our community grants program:
• 49,840 free or reduced cost mammograms
• 8,403 diagnostic treatments
• 7,012 breast cancer treatments
• Hundreds of thousands of individuals with education

The Difference You Make

Join Komen Arizona in the fight to beat breast cancer. You can donate your time or resources, fundraise for Komen Arizona . or speak about this disease across Arizona. You can know your normal and encourage those around you to know theirs. You can be a listening ear and strong shoulder to family and friends who are in the battle. And you can be an inspiration and tell your story as a survivor. There is a place for you in this fight. Your dollar might be the one that ultimately finds one of the cures. Your presentation might encourage a listener to get a mammogram and find her cancer at an earlier stage. Contact us today. We’re here to partner with you.

We’re only a click or a call away. However you reach us, we are always happy to help you.

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The Top Five Reputable Animal Charities #donating #clothes #to #charity

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Our Top 5 Reputable Animal Charities

Most people want to have purpose or make a difference in this world. For me, it s helping and rescuing animals in dire need through animal causes and charities. Good news for us animal lovers, there are many great animal causes! They educate the public and give a voice to the voiceless. How do you know the one you are supporting is reputable and the donations are being allocated properly? You could go to Charity Watch and search. What if you don t see the cause you want to support? That s fine since not all charities are going to show up on the list. For example, a smaller charity may be very reputable but fall under the radar. Here are my personal picks for the top five reputable animal charities (in no particular order). These are my picks because I have been involved to help bring attention to each of them in my community. I hope one will peak your interest!

  • David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) DSWT was founded in 1977 by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick D.B.E, in honour of the memory of her late husband, famous naturalist and founding Warden of Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, David Leslie William Sheldrick MBE. Today, DSWT is the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organizations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa. This organization embraces all measures that compliment the conservation, preservation and protection of wildlife. These include anti-poaching, safe guarding the natural environment, enhancing community awareness, addressing animal welfare issues, providing veterinary assistance to animals in need, rescuing and hand rearing elephant and rhino orphans, along with other species that can ultimately enjoy a quality of life in wild terms when grown. You can foster an orphaned elephant and they will send you updates on his or her progress throughout the year. I have fostered one and really enjoy the updates on his progress! You, too, can foster an elephant by clicking here .
  • The Gentle Barn The Gentle Barn works with children from the inner-city, group homes, mental health care facilities, foster homes, and schools to teach them that even though we are all different on the outside, on the inside we are all the same and are deserving of the same rights, respects and freedom. Ellie Laks started the organization and with the help of Jay Weiner and lots of volunteers they take care of over one hundred and seventy rescued animals who came from abuse and neglect. The Gentle Barn not only helps animals, they help their community! You can learn more and donate here. You could also sponsor an animal like I did if you want to make a difference in a specific rescue animal s life.
  • Save Elephant Foundation This amazing organization was started by Sangduen Lek Chailert in Thailand. Her love for elephants started at a very young age resulting in a passion that would shape the rest of her life, as well as the life of others. With a love and respect for her country’s national symbol, and the knowledge that they were becoming endangered, Lek began advocating for the rights and welfare of the Asian elephants in Thailand. In an industry steeped in tradition, advocating for positive change in the ways domestic and wild Asian elephants are treated has not been an easy battle. However, with hard work and determination her voice is now internationally recognized. In addition to several documentaries produced by National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet and the BBC, Lek has also won many honorary awards.In addition, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton invited Lek to Washington, DC in 2010 to honor her as one of six Women Heroes of Global Conservation. But, the accolades do not end there. Lek was named one of Time Magazine’s Heroes of Asia for her work in conservation in 2005 and the Ford Foundation’s “Hero of the Planet” in 2001. Her mission continues to affect others as her voice is heard throughout the world. Her story and voice have made an impact in the minds of all who give their lives to animal welfare and conservation. Lek’s mission to save the Asian elephants continues to expand. She has formed the Save Elephant Foundation and a dedicated team works tirelessly by her side to protect the Asian elephant.Today, Lek continues to be at the forefront of elephant (and other animal rights causes), raising international awareness and encouraging other countries in the region to follow her lead, as well as helping provide sustainable alternatives to local villages. At the same time, she maintains special relationships with the animals she rescues. Most days, she can be found at the sanctuary she founded,Elephant Nature Park. spending time with the rescued herd. Cick here or here to see how you can help Lek continue her mission to help the Asian elephants!
  • Operation Paws for Homes (OPH) OPH is a 501(c)(3) organization that is an all breed rescue and 100% donor funded. They receive no funding from federal, state, or county governments. As a result, they rely on donations and their adoption fees in order to save the dogs in need from high-kill shelters that join their rescue organization. Most of OPH s dogs come from rural shelters in North and South Carolina. With limited resources, the shelters are forced to put down anywhere between 50% and 90% of the animals that come through the front door. OPH also partner with shelters located in Virginia and Maryland. Their organization provides pet adoption services to families located in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania and neighboring states. I am proud to volunteer for this amazing organization! Any donation received goes strictly towards saving and rescuing an animal in dire need. You can help support OPH here .
  • Big Cat Rescue Big Cat Rescue began in November 1992 and is the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats. The sanctuary is situated on 67 acres in the Citrus Park area of north Tampa, Florida. They are home to about 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts. This rescue is accredited by the Global Federation of Sanctuaries, Certified by Independent Charities of America as a “Best in America Charity,” Member of the World Society for Protection of Animals, and Rated 4 Stars by Charity Navigator (their highest rating) and has one of the highest scores of any animal based charity. Their tireless work to help keep their rescue cats happy and in good health has definitely put them on top for charities! You can donate and get involved to help make a difference! If you have an Android or Apple device, consider downloading their app like I did to stay up to date on their cats!
  • These five charities are all very different, however, serve the same purpose. They help animals in need. In the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi, The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. With the help of these five charities, I would say we are headed in the right direction.

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    Another excellent elephant charity is Friends of the Asian Elephant hospital in thailand. They are currently building a prosthetic leg factory at the hospital to make replacement legs for elephants who have stepped on landmines.

    why arent we trying to make the laws harsher for those who abuse and torture and murder innocent animals instead of saving them starting at the abuser etc would save those abused but courts seems to look the other way. Why not make the justice suit the crime and start euthanizing humans who seem to are hell bent on the torture of defenseless animals I believe in having the punishment fit the crime. So much is given to save lives of those already abused no abuse should occur in the first place. we are the problem. I give to so many rescue groups so many shelters so many organizations I keep asking why are there so many reaching out for support but the abusers are set free to do it again and again humans can stop it but humans are the ones causing it! This list is very short and the list of those requesting help is so long. I have two shopping bags full of requests for money to help abused animals for animals being slaughtered animals being torn apart by brainless humans who use animals for entertainment and for the last year I look at those bags and feel why is a civilized society any society accepting this skinning animals alive, canned hunts they all should be illegal there is no JUSTICE for the lives taken by humans its inconceiveable that in this day and age we dont treat these acts as crimes against humanity because we all end up paying for those committing the crimes!

    Thanks so much for this great information. I give monthly support to DSWT. Could you please comment on Big Life Foundation, they do wildlife preservation, anti-poaching and rescue activities in East Africa. I have heard many good things about them.

    Stay in the Loop .

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    Bloodwise shop #donate #computer

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    Welcome to the Bloodwise online charity shop.

    Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one, we have something for everybody. You can make someone smile and raise money for blood cancer patients at the same time with our ethically sourced, affordable gifts. We’ve got a great range of gardening accessories. fun gifts for children and other beautiful gifts for all your loved ones. And don’t forget to bag yourself a bargain in our fantastic Summer Sale !

    100% of profits go towards beating blood cancer.

    We offer delivery all over the world, and free shipping to the UK mainland on orders over £50. We also offer a flexible returns policy for our customers – please read our FAQs for more information. A next day delivery service is available on orders placed before 12 noon Monday-Thursday.

    Featured Categories

    Featured Products

    Beating blood cancers since 1960

    Bloodwise. A company limited by guarantee 738089 (registered in England and Wales). Registered charity 216032 (England and Wales) SCO37529 (Scotland) © 2015

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    Goodwill Industries of Central Texas #donate #money #to #africa

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    Empowering 100,000 Central Texans to transform their lives through work.

    Staffing Services

    Finding the right person for the job can be costly, in time and dollars. Goodwill Central Texas offers a highly efficient and cost effective way to connect employers with the job-ready personnel they need.

    “With Goodwill as our partner supplying our personnel needs, we could focus on the work of more than doubling our operations and throughput.” Macon Stokes, Amplifier Warehouse and Fulfillment Manager

    Our Impact

    Collaboration is powerful. We lead efforts among those who serve our local and global community.

    Collaboration is paramount to empowering people to work. The individuals who walk through our doors often face multiple challenges to employment. While Goodwill is able to address many of their concerns, partnerships within the community ensure that everyone receives well-rounded services.

    Our Impact

    Number of households who experienced homelessness prevention or were successfully housed through provider partnerships.

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    Susan G #donation #value #guide

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    Susan G. Komen Passionately Pink

    Passionately Pink donations make a difference

    When you host a Passionately Pink fundraiser, you are supporting Komen s national work. Passionately Pink fundraisers can also help people like Marian by making possible community-based programs that provide screening and treatment programs for hundreds of thousands of low-income, uninsured and under-insured women.

    Go Passionately Pink to help save lives!

    Passionately Pink is an awareness and fundraising program benefiting Susan G. Komen . Our goal is to end breast cancer forever by supporting the work of the organization started by one sister and named for the other.

    It’s easy to go Passionately Pink !

    Just wear pink, have fun and raise money to fight breast cancer. Everything you need to know is right here!

    How will you go Passionately Pink ?

    Be inspired by the multitude of ideas right here. or think of your own. There are so many creative ways to have fun and fight breast cancer!

    Need Ideas
    Whether you know how you want to put your Pink on, or are looking for inspiration, you’ll find all sorts of fun photos and ideas from other Passionately Pink activities. Check it out!

    What is Passionately Pink?
    It’s a chance for you to help end breast cancer by wearing pink,having fun and raising money for Susan G. Komen.
    Learn More

    Make Your Big Game Party Passionately Pink
    Celebrate the big football game and support a great cause! Tips on hosting an outstanding party, a fundraising kit and your personal fundraising page are now available! Learn More

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    Donate Today – KCHF TV #charities #list

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    In Loving Memory of Annette Garcia

    If you wish to honor Annette and the legacy she passes on, the family requests donations be made to Son Broadcasting in lieu of flowers.

    Keystone 4000 General Fund

    Keystone 4000 Members are the prayer and financial support for the ministry of Son Broadcasting. Keystone Member’s pray for the ministry and partner monthly to ensure the ongoing expenses of Son Broadcasting’s General Operating Fund is met, making it possible for every person throughout New Mexico to have an opportunity to hear the Gospel message which leads to life in Jesus!

    Satellite Missionary

    Donors who give toward the satellite fund help ensure that the satellite uplink continues uninterrupted. This critical component ensures that the cable companies throughout rural New Mexico are able to receive the programming found on KCHF TV. The Satellite uplink also enables us to share programming with other Christian stations throughout North America. This broadcast is reaching into homes that may not have any other access to the life-changing gospel message because of remote location or other difficulties. Just in New Mexico alone the satellite helps reach over 130,000 additional households.


    Lights, cameras, sound equipment and more are serviced and maintained. By contributing to the equipment fund, you meet a vital need for Son Broadcasting and allow for repairs or replacements of these key broadcasting components.

    Where Needed Most

    Every month, a variety of projects are underway at Son Broadcasting. This fund allows management to discern where contributions will serve most effectively.

    Studio Fund

    Funding for the the new studio at new location

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    America – s 50 Worst Charities #online #donations #for #nonprofits

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    Aug 20, 2013 3:50pm PDT by Leslie Salzillo

    When it comes to making donations, many of us have felt some angst in deciding where our money can do the most good. We often hear stories of ‘charities’ that are less than. charitable. In a recent report by Adrienne Hill on NPR’s Marketplace. Americans give more to charities, per capita, than any other developed country. In 2011, we gave $200 billion dollars.

    Tampa Bay Times compiled a list of the Top 50 worst charities. Many names of the worst charities are very similar to legitimate charities. For instance, the number one worst charity, Kids Wish Network. sounds much too similar to. Make A Wish Foundation a legitimate respected organization, where donations go to helping very sick children see one of their dreams come true. With the Kids Wish Network, only 2.5% the $127.8 million they raised. went to direct cash aid. So where did the other millions go? $109 million of it went to paying solicitors to raise the money.

    According to Kendall Taggart, of The Center For Investigating Reporting. many charities exist pretty much to pad the pockets and salaries of their founders. Often the value of goods that are shipped overseas cannot be verified. And then there are charitable goods shipped domestically that are outright insults to the recipients. One cancer victim in Knoxville, Tennessee, reached out to Cancer Fund of American to help with medical costs. He received a package containing paper cups, napkins and plates, along with children’s toys, you know, things that help a cancer patient pay for medical costs. The patient’s wife was so disgusted, she threw the entire package away.

    Thankfully, there are a few reputable organizations online that can help us search charities to differentiate the good from the unscrupulous.

    Here are the 50 of the worst charities, with the first being the worst. They are ranked by how much they raise, how much goes to pay the fund-raising solicitors, and how much goes to the actual charity. The title link above the list, will bring you to a page with an interactive chart and more information about charities in general.

    America’s 50 Worst Charities

    1. Kids Wish Network
    2. Cancer Fund of America
    3. Children’s Wish Foundation International
    4. American Breast Cancer Foundation
    5. Firefighters Charitable Foundation
    6. Breast Cancer Relief Foundation
    7. International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO
    8. National Veterans Service Fund
    9. American Association of State Troopers
    10.Children’s Cancer Fund of America

    11. Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation
    12. Youth Development Fund
    13. Committee For Missing Children
    14. Association for Firefighters and Paramedics
    15. Project Cure (Bradenton, FL)
    16. National Caregiving Foundation
    17. Operation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth
    18. United States Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
    19. Vietnow National Headquarters
    20. Police Protective Fund

    21. National Cancer Coalition
    22. Woman To Woman Breast Cancer Foundation
    23. American Foundation For Disabled Children
    24. The Veterans Fund
    25. Heart Support of America
    26. Veterans Assistance Foundation
    27. Children’s Charity Fund
    28. Wishing Well Foundation USA
    29. Defeat Diabetes Found
    30. Disabled Police Officers of America Inc

    31. National Police Defense Foundation
    32. American Association of the Deaf Blin
    33. Reserve Police Officers Association
    34. Optimal Medical Foundation
    35. Disabled Police and Sheriffs Foundation
    36. Disabled Police Officers Counseling Center
    37. Children’s Leukemia Research Association
    38. United Breast Cancer Foundation
    39. Shiloh International Ministries
    40. Circle of Friends For American Veterans

    41. Find the Children
    42. Survivors and Victims Empowered
    43. Firefighters Assistance Fund
    44. Caring for Our Children Foundation
    45. National Narcotic Officers Associations Coalition
    46. American Foundation for Children With AIDS
    47. Our American Veterans
    48. Roger Wyburn-Mason Jack M Blount Foundation For Eradication of Rheumatoid Disease
    49. Firefighters Burn Fund
    50. Hope Cancer Fund

    One of the most disturbing aspects of this list, is that the names of most of these pseudo charities are designed to pull the heartstrings of donors who think their money is going to help very sick children, women with breast cancer, veterans. when very little, if any is actually going to those in need. Makes me want to scream out their names on the highest mountain. I’ll have to settle with posting them here, as the best way to deal with this problem, is to become informed and ask charities questions like, “How much of my donation is actually going to this cause?.” I’m grateful to all those who have taken the time to compile this information, which helps many of us to discern where, and where not, to place our donations.

    Here are some reputable charity online navigators:

    Sources: Tampa Bay Times, Kendall Taggart/Center For Investigative Reporting, Adrienne Hill/NPR

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    Online Fundraising – Start a Fundraiser for Personal Causes – Charity #donation #for #ngo

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    Online fundraising for causes you care about.

    • Instant access to funds
    • No goal requirements
    • No fundraising deadlines
    • Best customer service ever

    Starting is easy.

    You can use online fundraisers to raise money for medical bills, volunteer trips, memorial funds, your pet, a school, a stranger, and over 1.5 million charities. If you’re a decent typist, your fundraising website will be live in 42 seconds. And if you need any help, CrowdRise gives you the most personal, amazing support ever. We can even add custom branding to your page. Get started right now and you’ll see why CrowdRise is the best online fundraising site for charitable causes.

    You can use online fundraisers to raise money for medical bills, volunteer trips, memorial funds, a neighbor, a school, a stranger, and over 1.5 million charities.

    Tell your story and share it with the world.

    Tell your story and watch the donations come rolling in.

    Share your personal story through your own CrowdRise fundraising website. You’ll be shocked by how many people are ready to support your cause. Our easy connections to Facebook, Twitter, Text & Email make it so easy to spread the word.

    Watch the donations come rolling in.

    Share your personal story through your own CrowdRise fundraising website. You’ll be shocked by how many people are ready to support your cause. Our easy connections to Facebook, Twitter, Text & Email make it so easy to spread the word. Be relentless. It’s for a good cause. And remember to have fun. That’s what CrowdRising is all about.

    Raise more than you ever thought possible.

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    How to find reputable charities #egg #donation #process

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    How to find reputable charities

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    Romy Arietta (left) sends balikbayan care boxes to his family in the Philippines regularly. Shipping companies that specialize in the delivery of these packages are now mobilizing to send goods to help with Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts. – Odette Yousef

    When natural disasters hit, such as T yphoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines earlier this week, the first thing many of us want to do is help. But, not every organization is reputable. So where do you know where to put your money?

    The non-profit Charity features a rating system of one to four stars, of dozens of charities — giving insight into not only which are best to give to, but how well they use the money you give.

    Sandra Miniutti, Vice president of Charity Navigator, explained what it takes to get a four-star rating on their website. “It excels in its financial health, which means most of it’s money is going into its charitable programs, and not spent on fundriasing and administrative cost,” Miniutti says.

    But, that’s not all it takes. “It’s bringing in more money each year, reinvesting that money in its programs,” she says. “It promises to donors it won’t sell their information to other charities, which how you end up on all those lists and with a mailbox full of appeals.”

    When a disaster occurs, you want to find quickly which companies are worth donating to. Here are a few tips:

    Charity Navigator gave these relief organizations high reviews:

    GlobalGiving. This organization is focusing on delivering or securing food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter for survivors. GlobalGiving also promises a transparent process with updates on how donations are used and when aid is received.

    Mercy Corps. Volunteers from Mercy Corps are deploying to the region to deliver basic supplies like food and water. This organization also has a good track record for transparency and efficient use of donations. To donate by phone, call: 1-888-747-7440.

    UNICEF. UNICEF’s aid focuses primarily on helping children. The organization is focused on delivering essential medicines, food, safe water and hygiene supplies to children and families in the area. You can donate online. call 1-800-367-5437 or text RELIEF to 864233.

    The Phillipine Red Cross. The Phillipine chapter of the Red Cross is providing meals and relief items, as well as tracking services for people looking for missing family members. Local Red Cross chapters are also accepting donations.

    The World Food Programme. The World Food Programme focuses on delivering food aid to children and families. T ext the word AID to 27722 to donate $10 or call 1-202-747-0722.

    Convoy of Hope. This organization has already distributed aid like food, water-purification kits, and clothing in hard-hit areas like Cebu and promises more is on the way. Convoy of Hope regularly posts updates on families and individuals that they help.

    Direct Relief. Direct Relief primarily delivers medical aid to impoverished regions and posts regularly on the progress of how donations are used.

    Doctors Without Borders. The well-known organization has already mobilized its doctors in the country and promises more aid including medical and psychological treatment.

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