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5 Tips to Get Donations on Nonprofit and Charity Websites

Summary: To encourage donations, focus on answering potential-donors’ top questions and streamlining the donation process.

Our usability tests of nonprofit and charity websites show that people have high expectations of nonprofit and charity websites — which some sites don’t meet. Users have specific questions. and if sites do not address these questions, they have little desire or motivation to find the answers. Once users decide to donate, a clear call to action and a simplified donation process keeps them on the right track.

To get donations, follow these 5 guidelines:

1. Clearly Explain What the Organization Does

Our studies tell us that the most important pieces of information that people need to know about a charity or nonprofit before they make a donation are the type of work that the organization does and how that work is done .

In our studies, we found that many sites did not clearly communicate this vital information or made it too hard for users to access. On average, it took users about 6 minutes to locate information about the organization’s purpose, which was far too long. A task time of 1 minute for this crucial task would be a more reasonable goal, showing that current nonprofit sites are 500% too slow to use.

After much misery and excruciating time spent locating the answers, in most cases, the organizational information was vague and convoluted.

Websites that provided this information in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand manner had an advantage over those that had ambiguous goals and objectives. The organizations that received donations simply described what they did and how they did it in a succinct and easy to understand manner. This information was enough to convince people—if they agreed with their mission—to make a donation.

2. Disclose How Donations are Used

The second most important detail that users needed to know about an organization before donating was how their contribution would be used. The organizations that provided this information on their sites helped potential donors understand where their money would go.

Some sites provided this information, but others did not. Regardless, users hunted for it, and those who found it were pleased that the organization disclosed the information. Those who couldn’t find the information were aggravated and thought the organization was inefficient or trying to bury those details.

Even if the percentage that went to programs and initiatives was lower than users had hoped, they were still pleased to see the information and felt confident that the organization wasn’t hiding anything from them.

3. Display Third Party Endorsements

An organization’s reputation and legitimacy is another important piece of information users needed to know before making a donation. In our study, people often used the following information to decide whether or not a nonprofit or charity was worthy of their donation:

  • watchdog ratings
  • high profile endorsements
  • testimonials
  • name recognition
  • number of years in operation

Users also relied on recommendations from friends and family members. (This is an instance of the social proof principle. which is when testimonials and friends’ recommendations encourage users to act. This principle is further discussed in our Credibility and Persuasion course .)

In particular, endorsements or high ratings from watchdog organizations, such as Charity Navigator, Independent Charities of America, and the American Institute of Philanthropy, communicated to users that the organization was credible and reliable .

Users compiled third party endorsements with other facts gathered from the website to decide whether or not to donate. If a nonprofit or charity has this type of information, it’s important to tout it, because users want to know if an organization is credible before donating to it.

4. Provide a Noticeable and Clear Link to Donate

When users were ready to make a donation, they wanted to get to the donation process quickly and easily. Unfortunately, many users spent too much time looking for a way to donate when they were ready to do it. In fact, about 25% of the homepages included in our study failed to provide a Donate call to action .

The donation call to action should be straightforward and noticeable on every page of the website. It’s best to use clear, concise words, especially when asking for monetary donations. The phrases Donate and Donate Now were immediately understood by users in our study.

The “I Have A Dream” Foundation had a link to donate on the homepage, but the call to action was Contribute. Some users questioned what the word “contribute” meant. Most assumed it was a monetary donation, but it was also confused with donations of time or goods.

5. Streamline the Donation Process

In our studies, the donation process took, on average, 4 minutes and 15 seconds (from clicking the Donate call to action until the confirmation page displayed). In our e-commerce study. the checkout process took, on average, 3 minutes and 58 seconds (from clicking the Checkout call to action until the confirmation page displayed).

Creating a seamless donation process will increase the odds of getting users to complete the process. Sites in our study had varying approaches to the donation process. Some processes had two steps—a form and a confirmation page—and others were broken down into smaller, incremental steps. Users didn’t prefer one process over another. As long as the information being requested was presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, users completed the transactions successfully.

Although the donation process requires less information than a typical e-commerce checkout process. it took longer for users to complete, on average. The longer task time, on average, was likely caused by two factors:

  • More familiarity with the e-commerce checkout process: Most users in our studies made more online purchases than online donations per year, so they were more familiar with the checkout process and knew what to expect. For this reason, it’s imperative that nonprofits and charities strive to mimic the checkout process within the donation process on their sites.
  • Extra steps required in the donation process: Some donation processes had fields or actions, such as making a donation in someone’s honor or setting up recurring donations, which required more typing and decision making than the typical e-commerce checkout and thus increased the overall interaction cost for the form.

An Easy-To-Use Website and a Fast Donation Process Can Increase Donations

Organizations that depend on donations should not underestimate the impact of their website. Providing straightforward details about what work the organization does, how it uses donations, and who endorses them can convince people to donate. For motivated donors, a clear and easy-to-find Donate call to action and a streamlined donation process should be provided.

For additional UX guidelines for nonprofit and charity websites, see our report on Attracting Donors and Volunteers on Nonprofit and Charity Websites .

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2015 Charity 100: Canada – s top-rated charities #where #to #donate #toys

#best charity


Canada’s top-rated charities

Give with confidence

Every year, MoneySense grades the 100 biggest charities in Canada to see which organizations manage to raise and distribute funds most efficiently all while demonstrating best practices for good governance and transparency. Because let s face it, most of us would prefer our hard-earned dollars go to charities that concentrate on their cause, rather than bloated institutions that soak up donations to support their own operation.

For the full list and to learn more, visit the 2015 Charity 100

  • A smarter way to give
  • Charity 100: Grades
  • A+ charities
  • Ice bucket challenge
  • In-store giving
  • Donating to Ebola
  • Methodology

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17 comments on Canada s top-rated charities

I have to wonder at this rating? How can a food bank possibly afford to pay a top salary of $1.46 Million? To cover just this ONE SALARY with the listed efficiency rating of .56/$100 they have to be raising MANY billions of dollars. Or are my calculations wrong? I tried to go to the linked web address for this charity but access is Forbidden. Do salaries not figure in costs? Possibly an outside person or group underwrites the salaries?

Lisa on November 21, 2014 at 10:54 am

Lisa, the top salary is $146,057 and is one of the lowest on the list of 100 charities. The Calgary Food Bank website host was hit with a virus/security issue and the site is temporarily down, we should have a temporary site back up with a new host today.

James McAra on November 26, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Clearly, there is no question. One solhud put their money into government-registered accounts despite such things as the. for one. Before you reach the limit, you solhud take advantage of all it has to offer (tax savings, government guarantee). Sadly only 3% of Canadians actually meet this limit.

Rafik on August 13, 2015 at 11:57 am

This was just the article I was lnooikg for!I actually WANT to pay dividend tax as I am in a low tax bracket ( 37K; my wife is not, however) so i have all of our non-registered money in my name.I hope to make substantially more in one or two years but because I m in such a low bracket to me it makes sense to accumulate RRSP room and have these money making dividends where I ll pay close to no taxes on them due to my low income level. I think that considering my low tax bracket and the favourable dividend tax rate that it is almost as good as a TFSA.Thank you for the help.

Minh on August 12, 2015 at 5:16 pm

I m not at all surprised to see Chalice Canada in the Top Charities list. For years, I gave to World Vision, but was annoyed by the amount they spent on fundraising. I found Chalice Canada is doing the same work more efficiently. I have to be careful with my money, and I expect the charities I give to will do the same.
My favourite charity that deserves recognition is Canadian Food for Children ( not to be confused with Canadian Feed the Children). They are a lean operation, with, as far as I know, no paid staff. Unfortunately, I believe Money Sense s methodology would exclude them. Unlike most charities, they don t raise money primarily, but gifts in kind. They solve two problems. By accepting donations of food, clothing, household goods, furniture, building material, etc. they divert a lot of what we would discard as waste. They fill ship containers with donated goods destined for a different part of the world each day, At the same time, they are helping the poor of the world with needed goods, which might not be available to them if they were only sent the funds. My guess is that a fair amount of the monetary donations go to food staples and shipping costs. Worthy charity in my book.

MaryAnne on May 16, 2015 at 9:48 am

Delighted to see Red Cross has been on this list consistently. As part of the world s largest humanitarian organization and founded in 1859 in Switzerland, it is impressive that the Red Cross can assist every resident in Canada if they are affected by local or a personal disaster, and that they are also able to assist people around the world on a moment s notice. Very impressive.
It also helps so many people through First Aid, CPR, Swimming, Anti-Violence and Anti-Bullying courses. Thank you Red Cross!

ES on June 4, 2015 at 3:30 pm

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Make A Wish Car Donation Reviews #charitable #gifts

#make a wish car donation


Make A Wish Car Donation Review

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a child with a life threatening medical condition. While scores of highly reputable nonprofit organizations work tirelessly to fund medical research for childhood illnesses, provide families with lodging during hospital stays far from home, and help advocate for families with sick kids, there s one charity that focuses solely on bringing joy to terminally ill children and their families.

We ve all heard of Make-a-Wish and basked in the bittersweet stories of the dearest desires they fulfill for sick kids, from meeting favorite celebrities and taking unforgettable trips to going on shopping sprees and, in the case of a 6 year old boy, working in a pickle factory. How sweet is that?

Founded in 1980 in Phoenix, Ariz. Make-a-Wish now has 61 local chapters in the United States, which rely entirely on the kindness of individuals and corporate donors to fund their work. In October of 2014, Make-a-Wish America fulfilled its 250,000th wish.

Make-a-Wish is a leading charity in the U.S. They meet all 20 standards set forth by the Better Business Bureau s Wise Giving Alliance. and they score 3 out of 4 stars on Charity Navigator. a highly reputable charity watchdog group, only missing the fourth star because while a full 73 percent of Make-a-Wish funds go toward their fulfilling wishes, that number is just 2 percentage points shy of being considered highly efficient.

Car Donations Help Fund Charities

Now, car donations to charity are big business in the U.S. to the tune of 250,000 cars a year donated for a combined $650 million deduction in taxes. While many charities accept direct donations, others use an intermediary organization.

Some of these intermediary organizations are highly reputable, passing on 75 percent or more of the proceeds of the vehicle s sale to the charity. Less reputable middlemen may keep as much as 50 percent. If they keep much more than 50 percent, you should run in the other direction, unless you want to make some rich, stogie-smoking fat cat even fatter.

Now, you would think that a highly rated charity would use a squeaky-clean car donation middleman, right? Yeah, I would, too. Turns out we were both wrong.

Review of Wheels for Wishes

Alright, lace up your running shoes and try to keep up here.

Wheels for Wishes is a nonprofit intermediary organization that Make-a-Wish America uses to handle car donations, with the proceeds of the sales of the vehicles ostensibly going to benefit local Make-a-Wish chapters.

I started my research with the Better Business Bureau, which reports, This charitable organization either has not responded to written BBB requests for information or has declined to be evaluated in relation to BBB Standards for Charity Accountability. Next, I headed over to Charity Navigator, but my search returned zero results.

Running into brick walls at every subsequent turn, I gave up on trying to find trustworthy ratings or reviews for Wheels for Wishes and logged into my free account at Guidestar. a nonprofit organization that collects and disseminates information on every single nonprofit organization registered with the IRS, including copies of each organization s IRS Form 990, which nonprofits are required to file every year.

Wheels for Wishes is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit under the name Car Donation Foundation. Now, keep in mind that I m no tax expert, but here s what I got from spending the better part of the afternoon poring over Car Donation Foundation s Form 990 from 2012, the most recent year on file with Guidestar:

In 2012, Car Donation Foundation brought in total revenue of $25,724,026, all of it from the proceeds of the sales of 33,913 donated cars. They paid out $4,731,118 to 33 separate Make-a-Wish chapters, accounting for 18 percent of the revenue.

But what about the remaining 82 percent? Well, you have to pay your officers, right? Part 7 of Form 990 requires that nonprofits list the highest compensated employees, as well as state the average number of hours each works per week.

Car Donation Foundation President Bill Bigley puts in about 30 hours a week. Compensation? $265,261. Vice President Randy Heiligman averages 10 hours a week: $266,599. Randy s wife Roberta is the secretary who, like her husband, averages 10 hours a week: $117,169.

Wait what? Randy and Roberta together work 20 hours a week and make a combined $381,768 a year? Let s break that down, just for fun: that s $31,814 a month, or $7,953.50 a week, or $397.68 an hour. That s right. These people make $397.68 PER HOUR. Compare that to the $113 per hour on average pulled down by anesthesiologists, the highest paid workers in the U.S.. and you ll wonder why you didn t just skip those 12 gruelling years of medical school and start a nonprofit.

So the compensation of the three officers is $649,029 and is included in one of the amounts below, which together add up to the year s revenue minus the $4,731,118 passed on to Make-a-Wish:

  • Fees for management services (non employees): $3,324,294
  • Professional fundraising services: $4,731,114
  • Other fundraising expenses, which are identified later on as seller fees: $3,562,073.
  • Advertising and promotion: $9,375,427.

Now, here s where it gets interesting. On Part I of Schedule L, Business Transactions Involving Interested Persons, we see that Car Donation Foundation paid out admin commision fees to Metro Metals Corp. in the amount of $1,485,951 and to National Fundraising Management in the amount of $4,044,942.
Metro Metals Corp. is a scrap auto recycling plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. Its owner? William Bigley. Its president? Randy Heiligman.

But wait! It gets better! Car Donation Foundation retains the services of National Fundraising Management Inc. whose co-directors are you guessed it: Bill Bigley and Randy Heiligman !

But hold on, it s not over. Under Supplemental Information on Schedule L, Part II, it s noted, This organization uses a third-party auction house to sell the vehicles that are donated.

Well, guess who s a principal at Metro Auto Auctions, the Twin Cities largest indoor public vehicle auction facility, which specializes in the sale of donated vehicles on behalf of local charities, including ARC, Make-a-Wish, and Disabled American Veterans? Go on, humor me.

Yes! Bill Bigley!

So let s do a quick recap: You donate your car to Make-a-Wish through Wheels for Wishes, and it sells for scrap or at auction for $500. Make-a-Wish gets $90. The remaining $410, minus the fees and costs related to processing, goes to:

  • Bill and Randy s for-profit fundraising company, National Fundraising Management.
  • Bill and Randy s for-profit auto salvage company, Metro Metals Corp.
  • Bill s auction house, Metro Auto Auctions.
  • Bill and Randy s and Randy s wife s exorbitant compensation for running their nonprofit (not to mention the donation-funded portion of their salaries from National Fundraising Management, Metro Metals, and Metro Auto Auctions.)

But Make-a-Wish isn t the only charity that Bigley and Heiligman stiff every year. Car Donation Foundation also operates under the names Cars to Cure Breast Cancer and Vehicles for Veterans.

Yeah, more like Rides for Randy and Beaters for Bill.

The Bottom Line on Wishes for Wheels

Wishes for Wheels, a.k.a. Car Donation Services, passed on just 18 percent of the $25,724,026 they raised from the proceeds of 33,913 cars donated by individuals who entrusted them to give a fair share to Make-a-Wish. Remember, if a third party intermediary keeps more than 50 percent of the proceeds, it s not exactly the Mother Theresa of middlemen. Wishes for Wheels and their 82 percent profit? More along the lines of the Bernie Madoff of middlemen.

If you want to make a donation to Make-a-Wish. don t give them your car! Send them a check and save the car donation for a charity that uses a reputable intermediary organization.

You really have to wonder how much more money these people could possibly need. And you have to wonder about the state of the souls of those who would remorselessly make millions of dollars off of the deliberate exploitation of public compassion for terminally ill children.

I ll just leave you to ponder that while I go weep into a beer.

Choose One:

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The Ten Best Charities in The U #clean #water #charity

#best charity


Ten of the Best Charities Everyone s Heard Of

Charity Reviews: Direct Relief

In addition to the No. 1 spot on Charity Navigator s list, Direct Relief earns a 100% fundraising efficiency rating from Forbes, an A rating from CharityWatch, and was named to Fast Company s list of the World s 10 Most Innovative Nonprofits.

They re big and global, with budgets exceeding $100 million and net assets of at least $65 million. Yet these 10 charities manage to do exceptional work throughout the country and overseas, all while maintaining stellar financial management and transparency.

For saving a city and its art. Some philanthropists make big donations to find a cure for a disease, or to help poor children overseas. But what if not-for-profits and some companies could save an entire city?

Direct Relief has earned a perfect score of 100 under Charity Navigator s new rating system, CN 2.1. Only 51 of the more than 8,000 charities rated annually by Charity Navigator received an overall score of 100. As America s largest and most widely used independent evaluator of charities, Charity Navigator works to guide donors toward more intelligent giving.

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Charities & Not-For-Profits Online Donation Solutions #donate #money

#how to get donations online


  • How PayPal worksWhat you can do with a personal account
  • Pay onlineOnline payments without borders
  • Send moneySend money locally or abroad
  • Get the PayPal appManage your account on your mobile
  • Pay with creditAdd a credit limit to your PayPal account
  • Search for dealsPay with PayPal and save money
  • All Business SolutionsSee our range of products
  • Accept online paymentsGet paid on your website and on mobile
  • Send invoicesCreate and email online invoices
  • Get a card readerAccept card and contactless payments
  • Sell internationallyPayPal supports your global growth
  • Small business fundingLearn about PayPal’s merchant cash advance

Boost your fundraising with our affordable solutions.

For one off or regular donations we provide simple solutions for fundraising – online, on mobile or in person

  • Free to sign up, no monthly fees
  • Discounted transaction fees for registered charities (see pricing )
  • Easy to set up, no programming skills required
  • Accept major payment types

Call 0800 358 7929 1 to discuss your business requirements or Contact Us .

1 Freephone from a UK landline. However, costs from mobile may apply and are dependent on the terms of agreement with your network operator. If you are calling from outside the United Kingdom, use the following phone number: 00353 1 436 9004 (international call charges may apply)

Keep your costs down.

PayPal offers discounted transaction rates to all registered charities. You only pay when you accept a donation. No extra fees for setup, statements, withdrawals or cancellation
1.4% + 20p per transaction and no monthly fee.

Simple to set up and start taking donations

The most popular option for charities is our Donate button. Simply open a business account and then copy and paste a few lines of code to your website. It’s the same for our Subscribe button which lets you accept recurring payments from your donors.

If you already accept card payments online, and want to add PayPal as a payment option, simply open a business account and select our Express Checkout solution.

Fundraise anywhere

PayPal Here is a mobile card reader which allows you to accept payments at fundraising events. It’s perfect for selling tickets, taking auction payments and collecting donations in person.

Thousands of charities trust PayPal

Access your funds quickly.

From there, transfer it to your organisation’s bank account at no charge.

Be in good company.

Some of the UK’s top charities such as Comic Relief. Oxfam. Stand up to Cancer. DEC and Children In Need as well as thousands of not-for-profit organisations use PayPal to accept donations on their website. Donors love the convenience and security of PayPal, while not-for-profits can boost donations and lower cost.

Track every pound and donor.

Monthly statements, downloadable logs and instant transaction searches are all part of your PayPal account. You can also offer controlled access to your employees for tasks like mailing donors.

Protect your organisation

If there’s one thing people know about PayPal, it’s how seriously we take security. Automatic fraud screening helps keep you and your donors safer. And since PayPal is PCI compliant, your task of meeting these standards is a good deal simpler.

“PayPal has made it incredibly easy for anyone to donate to Comic Relief in a few clicks, with 62% of PayPal donations during our busiest time being made from a mobile device. This helped us to reach an incredible final total of over £100 million in 2013.”

Phil Latham, Head of Future Media and Technology
Comic Relief

Frequently asked questions.

Find answers to common questions

How do I apply for the discounted charity rate?

You’ll need to confirm that your PayPal account belongs to a charity. Visit https://www.paypal.com/uk/charities/. For more details.

What documents do I need to confirm I’m a registered charity?

To confirm registered charity status you will need proof of identity for the account holder and registration documents for the charity eg. Companies House or the Charity Commission.

Can I still use PayPal to fundraise if I’m not a registered charity?

Yes, you can still use PayPal to help you fundraise using any or all of the solutions outlined above. Standard pricing applies.

Can donors make monthly donations?

Yes, the Donate Button already has recurring payments as an option for donors when they choose their amount.

Start collecting donations today.

Call 0800 358 7929 1 to discuss your business requirements or Contact Us .

1 Freephone from a UK landline. However, costs from mobile may apply and are dependent on the terms of agreement with your network operator. If you are calling from outside the United Kingdom, use the following phone number: 00353 1 436 9004 (international call charges may apply)

Merchant Services and Business Products

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Kidney Foundation Car Donation #donate #toys #for #christmas

#kidney foundation car donation


Kidney Foundation Car Donation

The Kidney Cars Program

Kidney Foundation car donations are a great way to help out those less fortunate than you and I. Donations have already helped thousands, but they desperately need more help.

The National Kidney Foundation s Kidney Cars Program is a charity that permits you to donate your used vehicle (or even boat) in exchange for two benefits you won t get from a dealer trade-in:

You may get a nice tax deduction and you get the satisfaction that you are helping out a truly worthwhile cause.

A Kidney Foundation car donation is better than other charities because over 81 cents of every dollar from your donation goes to helping individuals who need it most. Important programs and services your donation helps include:

  • Support for patients and families whose lives have been dramatically affected, as well as screenings for early detection of kidney disease.
  • Continuing education for health care professionals that ensures kidney patients have the latest care available.
  • Kidney disease research.
  • Public education aimed at raising awareness of the need for kidney donors.
  • Patient advocacy programs that look out for patient rights and needs thru legislation.

What are the requirements for donating your vehicle to the National Kidney Foundation s Kidney Cars Program?

1. The vehicle must be in one piece.
2. Damage to the frame must be reported.
3. The general condition and mileage should be known.
4. Write down the year, make, model, as well as the VIN#.
5. Have the title to the vehicle (with no money owed on the vehicle).

How would I go about making the actual Kidney car donation?

a. Call in your donation to a National Kidney Foundation representative that can handle car donations (call and see).

b. Complete the online form to get started.

After calling in your donation or completing the online form, you will receive a packet in the mail that has the details about completing your donation. Before the actual pickup of your vehicle can be made, however, the National Kidney Foundation representative must receive your completed car donation packet.

Then you ll get a letter confirming your intent to make a charity vehicle donaton. Included with this letter will be details for filing your car donation tax deduction.

It IS a great cause, so go ahead and make a kidney car donation this year. Your goodwill car donation is sorely needed. A major health problem today, kidney disease affects thousands as we speak

Over 350 thousand Americans are on dialysis machines just to stay alive. Over 77,000 kidney disease patients are waiting for a miracle a donated kidney that will mean life for them.

But the following number is staggering: Over 25 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and that number is on the rise. Early detection is the best way to treat this disease, but unfortunately, symptoms often don t appear until your kidneys are failing.

Donate Your Vehicle Below

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National Donation Form – The Salvation Army #sperm #donation #payment

#how to get donations online


Ways to Give

Our Mission

  • The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.
  • The Salvation Army is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
  • Privacy Policy Copyright 2015 The Salvation Army

Give with Trust

Give with Trust

Ways to Give

Our Mission

  • The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.
  • The Salvation Army is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
  • Privacy Policy Copyright 2015 The Salvation Army

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Hair donation and wigs #donation #center

#donating hair to cancer


Hair donation and wigs

Human hair versus synthetic wigs

Human hair wigs are not actually the first choice for most people whose hair falls out due to chemotherapy treatment. People who have long term hair loss (alopecia) that is not related to cancer are more likely to buy wigs made from human hair.

There are 2 main reasons for this. The wigs have to be made to order and this can take up to 2 months. Most people don’t know 2 months beforehand that they are going to have chemotherapy, so they need a wig sooner than that.

Human hair wigs are also very expensive. They can cost anywhere between £200 and £2000, compared to a synthetic wig, which costs between £50 and £200. Many people cannot afford real hair wigs, especially when they are only going to be wearing it for a few months until their own hair starts to grow back. Also, you actually need 2 wigs, so that you have one to wear while the other is being cleaned. Human hair wigs need to be cleaned regularly and this is a specialised process that takes time.

Some people do prefer human hair wigs because they often look more natural. So you may want to still consider donating your hair. But remember that there is no guarantee that your hair will be used for a wig that a cancer patient will use. And cancer patients are not given human hair wigs for free, which is a common belief. People treated on the NHS are given one free synthetic wig. If a person prefers to have a human hair wig, they will have to pay for it themselves.

Donating your hair

Your hair needs to be at least 7 inches long to be used in wig making. The hair must be clean, in good condition and in a pony tail when it is cut.

If you are interested you can contact

They will explain to you about having your hair cut and will pay you for it. The fees are from £3 per 25g up to £10 per 25g. Your hair is valued by colour, length, weight and condition by one of their hair room technicians.

The Little Princess Trust are able to accept hair donations from anyone wanting their hair to be used to help children who have hair loss due to cancer treatment and other causes.

Bloomsbury wigs run Hair Harvest, which buys hair to make their wigs. You send your hair to them and they pay depending on the length. You can find out about the process and prices on their website.

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Best and Worst Charities for Your Donations – Consumer Reports #global #giving

#best charity


Best and Worst Charities for Your Donations

‘Tis the season for charitable giving. But before you write a check, make sure you do a charity check-up. The sad truth is that not all nonprofits put their money where their mission is.

Earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission and law enforcement partners from every state and the District of Columbia charged four cancer charities with defrauding consumers of more than $187 million. Instead of helping cancer patients, the heads of the Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services, Children’s Cancer Fund of America, and the Breast Cancer Society allegedly funneled donations into luxury cruises, college tuition for family members and friends, gym memberships, sporting event and concert tickets, and even dating website memberships.

And the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe led H. Art Taylor, president of the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, to warn consumers about spurious solicitations for humanitarian help. (Use our advice to find out whether a charity is a scam .)

Then there’s the fact that even without being fraudulent, some charities routinely spend a larger amount of their donors’ dollars on administrative and fundraising costs than on programs that benefit people in need.

Save time and money this holiday season

Let us help you make the smartest decisions on gifts and more.

Similar-sounding names can further confuse consumers. For example, while the Leukemia Lymphoma Society allocates $19 to raise $100 and funnels 73 percent of its budget to programs, the Childhood Leukemia Foundation spends $65 for every $100 it raises and targets just 27 percent of its budget to programs.

So before you donate, check out organizations you’re considering with charity watchdogs, which make it easier to see where your dollars have the greatest impact. The three major ones are: the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. Charity Navigator. and CharityWatch. They evaluate charities by looking at a number of factors, including how much of your donation actually reaches the causes you want to support.

To get the approval of the Wise Giving Alliance, for example, organizations must spend at least 65 percent of their donations on charitable program activities, and fundraising costs can’t exceed 35 percent.

CharityWatch gives its top rating to about a third of the more than 600 charities it evaluates. Charity Navigator, which looks at more than 8,000 organizations, many of them small and regional, lets you see which charities rate high by metro area. It also provides provides easy-to-follow lists, such as “10 top-notch charities” and, conversely, “10 consistently low-rated charities.”

Below are examples of high- and low-rated charities in various categories. As part of of this report on the best and worst charities, we looked for agreement—on positive and negative traits—among the three major watchdogs. Because not every group is evaluated by all three watchdogs, we relied in some cases on agreement by just two. We also left out highly rated charities that CharityWatch says obtain a considerable amount of income from the government (such as Save the Children).

In short, to ensure that your dollars will make the most difference, do your homework before you donate.

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National Kidney Foundation Car Donation #looking #for #donations

#kidney foundation car donation


National Kidney Foundation Car Donation Program

Kidney Cars

Did you know that just one donated car enables the National Kidney Foundation to provide three people with free screenings for kidney disease? These screenings provide lifesaving health information for thousands throughout the country every year.

Thinking of Donating Your Car?
Hear from Someone Who Did.

When JoEllen inherited her father’s Lincoln Town Car, she was faced with the difficult decision of what to do with the beloved car. Since she had experienced kidney failure and had been fortunate enough to receive a kidney transplant, she knew her father would be happiest knowing she used his car to help others facing the same struggle she had.

“I was on dialysis for more than 15 years before receiving my kidney transplant. I knew my father would be proud if his car was used to help support research and treatments for others who are facing kidney disease.”

More than 26 million Americans have kidney disease. The National Kidney Foundation uses donated vehicles, like JoEllen’s, to support its patient programs and prevention initiatives.

The National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk.

Kidney Cars

Kidney Cars

Makes Donating Your Car Easy as easy as…

1. Call 855-426-2440 or complete the form to donate now.
2. Schedule a pick up time that best suits your schedule.
3. You get a tax receipt and help us make a difference in the lives of millions with kidney disease.

We also accept trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, farm equipment, and more.

Donate your car and receive a tax deduction!*

*The amount of the tax deduction depends on the amount the car sells for and the donor’s filing method. Please consult your tax advisor.

Did you know that just one donated car enables the National Kidney Foundation to provide three people with free screenings for kidney disease? These screenings provide lifesaving health information for thousands throughout the country every year.

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The Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance Charity Seal provides the giving public with an easily recognizable symbol which certifies that the National Kidney Foundation meets the comprehensive standards of America’s most experienced charity evaluator.

National Kidney Foundation, Inc. 30 East 33rd Street, New York, NY 10016 | Kidney Cars Powered by the IAA Donation Division

The Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance Charity Seal provides the giving public with an easily recognizable symbol which certifies that the National Kidney Foundation meets the comprehensive standards of America’s most experienced charity evaluator.

National Kidney Foundation, Inc. 30 East 33rd Street, New York, NY 10016 | Kidney Cars Powered by the IAA Donation Division

© 2014 Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. All rights reserved.
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